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February 24, 2016


Dear reader,

I created a new recipe for Boston Cream Pie. I used to have this cake every year for my birthday growing up and as an adult. When I went gluten-free that was the end of that, so I thought. I'm in heaven again! I finally realized which cake makes the best gluten-free Boston cream pie. Thank goodness! Enjoy!

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I created a Gluten Free Boston Cream Pie recipe using my Self-Rising Cake Flour Blend Recipe a few years back. However, after publishing the Custard-Filled Strawberry-Topped Cake Recipe recently, it got me to thinking. It appears my Sponge Cake recipe truly is ideal for making a gluten free Boston cream pie recipe. It absorbs custard easily, making it super moist and tender. You can fill it with baked custard, which I prefer, or use packaged gluten-free pudding mix. The recipe easily makes a two or three-layer cake. Enjoy!

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