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September 22, 2016


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if you're looking for healthier gluten free bread, today's your lucky day. My latest bread recipe contains no added starch and is comprised of only whole grains. The result is soft, chewy, flavorful sandwich bread. I can eat it in moderation and still lose weight! Minimally, it is a healthier choice.

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You may have seen my recent gluten free bread recipe using no added starch. I've taken it a step further today, by creating a gluten free whole grain bread recipe using no added starch that is also perfect for sandwiches. That's right! It is free of tapioca, potato, arrowroot, and corn starch yet it's soft enough for sandwiches. There are no added starches whatsoever. It is made up of four gluten free whole grains and is flavorful, chewy, and spongy.

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