Carla's Gluten Free Recipe Box Newsletter: November 13, 2016


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With only 11 days left before Thanksgiving, you may wish to consider knocking out those homemade gluten free pies in advance. You can make raw pies and freeze or bake them fully and freeze. This can be done as much as six months in advance. Most importantly, I share new knowledge about how xanthan gum affects pie dough and my most raved about flaky gluten free pie crust recipe.

Join me in the coming days to learn more about my Thanksgiving experiments and advice. I'm trying a new hack for fluffier mashed potatoes which I will share in my next newsletter along with other recipes.


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Happy and healthy gluten-free Thanksgiving!



The most raved-about gluten free pie recipe on this site is the Flaky Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe. After spending an entire day making gluten free pies, I have some new advice to share. In this article, I also share how to make gluten free pies in advance and freeze them.

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Gluten Free Herb Stuffing

This is my new favorite gluten free stuffing recipe. OMG! Using Schar baguettes makes it as close to my old gluten recipe for stuffing that used sourdough bread. I love it! Using fresh herbs and creamy butter brings it over the top. See the tips section on how to prepare in advance. Enjoy!

See the tips section on how to prepare in advance.

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