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Dear reader,

With only two week left before the big day, I hope you appreciate the new gluten free recipes. Most are perfect for fall and/or Thanksgiving.

In addition, I have included a few tips on what to watch out for during your Thanksgiving meal for gluten free intolerant newbies.

Have a happy and healthy gluten free Thanksgiving!


~ Carla Spacher


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Gluten Free Roasted Acorn Squash

Gluten Free Roasted Garlic Parmesan Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is hearty (not as hearty as sweet potatoes, but much heartier than summer squash) and tastes incredibly sweet when roasted. If you are in a hurry for a fall or Thanksgiving vegetable, this one is sure to please with very little effort. The garlic and Parmesan provide the most beautiful flavor.

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Gluten Free French Fried Onions for

Gluten Free French Fried Onions Recipe

While I already have a Gluten Free Onion Ring Recipe on this site, this recipe is used with my Green Bean Casserole Recipe. There isn't much difference between the two other than the spices. You can even skip the onions altogether and add additional onion powder to the batter. Then add the batter to a squeezable, plastic mustard container or pastry bag fitted with a small tip and squeeze little strips into the hot oil and fry until crunchy.

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Gluten Free Adobo Chicken

Gluten Free Chicken Adobo

I was watching the Today Show and saw a segment on adobo chicken. Adobo is a Filipino method of cooking food in vinegar and soy sauce. I have had adobo chicken before and enjoyed it; therefore, it sounded wonderful. This is my version of gluten free adobo chicken which is closer to teriyaki chicken since it contains ginger. It may be cooked on the stovetop or in a crockpot. Enjoy!

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Mousse Trifle

Gluten Free Pumpkin Trifle

Do you enjoy pumpkin desserts and cheesecake? Have the best of both worlds along with the crunch of gingersnaps in this lovely gluten free pumpkin trifle recipe. The mousse is light and creamy.

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Gluten Free Johnny Cakes

Gluten Free Johnny Cakes - Johnnycakes - Jonnycakes - Hoecakes

Johnny cakes, also known as johnnycakes, jonnycakes, jonny cakes and hoecakes, are similar to pancakes, but they contain some hominy grits, or cornmeal, in this case. Using my recipe for gluten free bisquick or Betty Crocker's store-bought brand, this recipe is easy to make and tastes delicious. It makes light and fluffy pancakes with the grains of corn. Feel free to substitute buttermilk with the recipe for homemade or dairy-free buttermilk by reading the tips section.

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Cornbread

Gluten Free Pumpkin Cornbread (Dairy-Free Options)

Though I am allergic to pumpkin, whenever I get the craving for it, I create a new recipe and have my husband taste-test it. I have never had pumpkin cornbread before, but it sounded so good. To create this recipe, I began with my Gluten Free Cornbread for Stuffing and simply substituted the milk with pumpkin puree. My husband gobbled up a piece of this gluten free pumpkin...

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Carol Fenster's Chocolate Gluten Free Refrigerator Cookies

Chocolate Gluten Free Refrigerator Cookies

From Carol Fenster's latest cookbook, 100 Best Quick Gluten-Free Recipes, I present these delicious and easy gluten free refrigerator cookies. Whip some up right now! Then stay tuned in tomorrow (Thursday) for a another amazing, easy dessert, followed by my book review on Friday and a giveaway of two copies of this amazing cookbook on Saturday. Enjoy it all!

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Gluten Free Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Gluten Free Cosmopolitan Recipe with a Twist

There's more than one twist to this cosmo (cosmolitan cocktail) recipe. It definitely contains citrus (know as a cocktail with a twist of lemon or lime). Then there's the twisted lemon orange or lemon rind used as garnish. However, the main twist in this recipe is the use of pomegrantate juice (which is optional).  To make a great tasting cosmo, a recipe should contain plenty of citrus juice. It truly is key. However, it tends to make the cosmo less red. To brighten and deepen that red color, add some pomegranate juice. You'll not only add color but plenty of antioxidants. It makes the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail, though it is served year round. Cheers!

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Peaches & Cream Gluten Free Breakfast Bake

Peaches and Cream Gluten Free Breakfast Bake

If you are a fan of bread pudding or French toast, you'll definitely enjoy this gluten free breakfast bake. Use your favorite fruit whether it be peaches, berries or apples. You can even use gluten free pie filling such as apple. Libby's and Wilderness brands are gluten free. You can make the bread on the dry side like you would when making French toast, or you make it a bit wet such as bread pudding. See the tips suggestions below. Meanwhile, this makes a wonderful dish for brunch.

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Ma n Cheese

Gluten Free Pumpkin Mac 'n' Cheese with Optional Bacon

Similar to it's baked cousin, this gluten free macaroni and cheese recipe is a bit of both, but is made without eggs. The pumpkin provides accents of fall and a bit of sweetness. The leeks or onions used as a substitute add...

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Gluten Free Caramel Pecan Blondies

Gluten Free Caramel and Pecan Blondies

Blondies are dessert bars. The cake portion traditionally contains flour, butter, brown sugar, baking powder, vanilla and eggs. Similar to chocolate brownies they are a bit heavier but blonde in color. These decadent gluten free blondies are topped with dulce de leche (thick, rich caramel) and pecans. The cake layer is made from traditional blondie ingredients. Enjoy

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Marinated Citrus and Herb Olives (Naturally Gluten Free)

Herb Citrus Marinated Olives (Naturally Gluten Free)

While pitted olives are convenient, these marinated olives with their pits are just a delight. The combination of vinegar and orange juice with the richness of the olives create an incredible flavor.

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Gluten Free Chocolate Pasta

Gluten Free Chocolate Pasta Recipe (Sweet or Savory)

If you've visited Italy recently, you may have seen chocolate pasta. It is one of the latest gourmet delights. While they were only sold in their gluten versions for quite some time, you can now purchase gluten free chocolate pasta. However, you can easily and inexpensively make your own. You do not even need a pasta machine to do so.

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Healthy Gluten Free Microwave Muffin

Gluten Free Microwave Muffin in a Mug

From Carol Fenster's latest cookbook, 100 Best Quick Gluten-Free Recipes (2014), I present this amazingly easy gluten free microwave muffin recipe. It's teh perfect quick dessert for four, or portion down for one. This would be an excellent quick breakfast that you could even prepare most of the ingredients the night before. It is made without table sugar, just molasses. Quick, easy and …

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What to Be Cautious of on Thanksgiving

If you are intolerant to gluten, avoid or read labels for the following food:

• broth or bouillon

• lite or light sour cream (even full fat may contain gluten)

• gravy and sauces thickened with wheat/all-purpose flour

• croutons

• stuffing made with gluten bread

• self-basting turkeys

• marinades (often contains soy or Worchestershir sauce which may not be gluten free)

• oats (unless certified gluten free)

• and of course, bread, crackers, pasta, etc.

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