Thin Crust Gluten Free Breakfast Pizza

Thin Gluten Free Breakfast Pizza

Enjoy fried or poached eggs? You must try this recipe! With all of the toppings I could have on pizza, besides some cheese, I chose spinach and mushrooms for this gluten free breakfast pizza. Then I topped it with eggs to pack on the protein. When the egg yolks break, it provides you with breakfast pizza sauce. Start your day off with this treat. It’s delicious! Continue reading “Thin Crust Gluten Free Breakfast Pizza”

Gluten Free Saigon Summer Rolls – Vietnamese Rolls with Peanut Sauce

Gluten Free Saigon Summer Rolls

While on vacation, we ate at one my favorite gluten free menu restaurants, PF Chang’s China Bistro. While this appetizer from their happy hour menu is not gluten free, allow me to explain why it’s not. The waitress spoke to the chef on my behalf. He said that the only reason why they don’t label it gluten free is because it is made on a grill that would pick of cross-contamination from gluten. Their peanut sauce may also contain gluten, but I didn’t ask. The appetizer is called Saigon Summer Rolls, also known as Vietnamese Rolls (Saigon is the former name of the current city, Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam.) Continue reading “Gluten Free Saigon Summer Rolls – Vietnamese Rolls with Peanut Sauce”