Celiac Disease: Newly Diagnosed and Still Having Symptoms?

Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen

You may be wondering why some gluten intolerant individuals are on a grain-free and gluten-free diet. I have heard from many newly diagnosed celiac patients, as well as gluten intolerant, who react to foods which do not contain gluten. One should not react if eating a gluten-free food from a reputable manufacturer or making it themselves at home, especially if you know that most people do not react to it. When newly diagnosed, one can react to other grains which can mimic gluten such as rice, corn, etc. This is known as being cross-reactive. It is usually not permanent, though. The small intestines just need to heal before introducing corn, rice, dairy, etc. It usually takes about 3 months of eliminating these foods before reintroducing them. If you do not avoid the foods that cause a reaction you only asking for trouble. You need to avoid anything which may cause inflammation to heal a leaky gut and your intestines. Continue reading “Celiac Disease: Newly Diagnosed and Still Having Symptoms?”

Is Gluten Sensitivity Real?

Gluten-Sensitivity Image

Gluten-sensitivity (GS) is a very controversial subject, but new research has been performed which will answer this very question. Before I explore whether or not gluten-sensitivity is real, I would first like to explore “gluten-sensitivity,” itself, as well as “gluten-intolerance” and “celiac disease” in order to provide a better understanding of the research.

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How accurate are celiac blood tests?

Robert Failla

Have you been tested for celiac disease? Have you been tested with a negative result? How accurate are celiac blood tests? This is a very informative article by Dr. Robert Failla, which answers this question. Since celiac blood tests (endomysial, reticulin [IgA], and gliadin [IgG and IgA]), and other diagnoses, are so important you won’t want to miss this article. Continue reading “How accurate are celiac blood tests?”