Is Quinoa Gluten Free? Not All Are Created Equal

Image: Quinoa

I have experienced digestive reactions in some quinoa products, but not others. Since I am often asked, is quinoa gluten free, I thought I would share the most recent study on this very subject. The study was performed in the U.K. by the Division of Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences, Department of Gastroenterology at King’s College London, one of the world’s leading research and teaching universities. Their findings were very interesting, and resolved my confusion on the subject. In Dr. Vikki Petersen’s video (bottom of this page), she further clarifies some things for us. Continue reading “Is Quinoa Gluten Free? Not All Are Created Equal”

Celiac Disease Neurological Symptoms – Is Gluten Damaging Your Brain

When I first began reading this article. My first thought was, “Not another thing associated with celiac and gluten!” As I read further, I began to see to possible connection with more than celiac disease, but with any type of gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance. This article covers a study which shows actual brain damage in those with celiac disease and the common and more serious celiac disease neurological symptoms, including brain damage. Read on to learn from Dr. Vikki Petersen. Continue reading “Celiac Disease Neurological Symptoms – Is Gluten Damaging Your Brain”

I’m Celiac – How Good Can I Expect to Feel?

Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen
Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen
Vikki Petersen, D.C., C.C.N.

Discovering that you have celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, is often a decade long process (or longer!) that entails many doctors, many drugs to treat symptoms actually being caused by gluten, and a lot of treatments that don’t work.

When you finally find out the ‘real’ answer – gluten – you think all your problems will be solved. And initially, it often seems that they are. But, due to a continued leaky gut, undiagnosed infections, a compromised immune system, cross-reactive foods (those that mimic gluten), poor digestive enzyme levels, probiotic imbalances and/or hormone imbalance, symptoms often return. Continue reading “I’m Celiac – How Good Can I Expect to Feel?”

Dermatitis Herpetiformis: Learn why some react to topical gluten and others do not

Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen
Dr. Vikki Petersen, DC, CCN

Can Your Skin Have Celiac Disease?

One of my pet peeves is the way skin conditions are treated in this country. I cannot state what happens elsewhere, although I fear it’s similar, but here in the US, dermatologists (skin doctors) tend to treat skin the way one would a stain on one’s shirt. In other words, they direct all their attention to trying to make it disappear, the rash, the dryness, the burning, etc.

Why is that an error? The skin is an organ. In fact, it’s our largest organ. As an organ, it is most closely related to the digestive tract, another very large and very important organ. Continue reading “Dermatitis Herpetiformis: Learn why some react to topical gluten and others do not”

Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Forum 2012

Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity 2012 Forum Banner

If you haven’t attended one of the annual Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Forums yet, you’re in for an adventure. This unique event is where people gather to learn information about gluten sensitivity/intolerance and celiac disease. You’ll have the chance to speak to international experts in the field, and just like at trade shows, sample a variety of gluten-free foods. There’s nothing like the feeling of being around 300 or so people who all have the same thing in common. Continue reading “Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Forum 2012”

Gluten Intolerance: Preventing Schizophrenia and Mental Disorders in Pregnancy

Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen
Dr. Vikki Petersen, D.C., C.C.N.

Preventing Schizophrenia & Mental Disorders – A “Must Know” Before Pregnancy

By Dr. Vikki Petersen

Babies are in a bath inside their mothers’ wombs for 9 months. The ‘water’ can be nourishing or toxic. A recent study in June from the American Journal of Psychiatry discovered that women who have a gluten intolerance and continue to consume gluten during their pregnancy put their babies at risk of developing schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders later in life. Continue reading “Gluten Intolerance: Preventing Schizophrenia and Mental Disorders in Pregnancy”

Clinical Trials Begin for Celiac Vaccine Nexvax2

Image: Syringe Vaccine

In May 2011 I reported on the Nexvax2, the Celiac Vaccine Slated for 2017, and voiced my skepticism. I wanted to provide an update. Per a recent press release, Trials Begin for Nexvax2 in New Zealand, Australia & US for Celiac Disease. One study will be performed in Australia and New Zealand on those who have the DQ2 genotype (genetic profile) for celiac disease, which majority have. They expect to have 84 subjects tested in 4 different test sites. Continue reading “Clinical Trials Begin for Celiac Vaccine Nexvax2”

Reducing Breast Cancer Risk in Celiacs and Others

Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen

Image: Dr. Vikki PetersenDecreasing Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Those with celiac disease, who are untreated or who haven’t fully healed their intestinal lining, are at increased risk for developing cancer. If you are a woman, you don’t want to compound that risk by annually subjecting your breasts to radiation.

Is this just my opinion? No. There is new research to support a concern I’ve had about mammograms for many, many years. Continue reading “Reducing Breast Cancer Risk in Celiacs and Others”

Celiac Alert: Quinoa Causes Gluten Cross-Reactivity in some Celiacs

Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen Celiac Alert: Quinoa Causes Problems in some Celiacs

By Dr. Vikki Petersen

Quinoa is a gluten-free grain. No one is arguing that point. In fact a study in 2011 tested quinoa, along with teff, millet and amaranth and found all to be safe for the diet of a celiac patient. (Reference: Bergamo, P, et al. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research (2011) 8:1266-1270. “Immunological evaluation of the alcohol-soluble protein fraction from gluten-free grains in relation to celiac disease”) Continue reading “Celiac Alert: Quinoa Causes Gluten Cross-Reactivity in some Celiacs”

Actual Cause of Non-Responsive Celiac Disease

Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen
Dr. Vikki Petersen

By Dr. Vikki Petersen

It’s bad enough to receive a diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, but you really don’t want to fall into the category of non-responsive celiac, a condition where symptoms continue despite a gluten-free diet.

While that is the definition of ‘non-responsive celiac disease’, personally I haven’t run across it with my patients. What I have seen are patients with celiac disease who: Continue reading “Actual Cause of Non-Responsive Celiac Disease”

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