Eat Your Coffee Energy Bars (Copycat Mocha Latte Recipe)

Copycat Eat Your Coffee Bars

New Grounds Food makes Eat Your Coffee Energy Bars. They are caffeinated bars that contain healthy gluten free and vegan ingredients. I’ve created my own version, starting with the Mocha Latte flavor. Personally, I don’t drink coffee but love these bars. The coffee doesn’t upset my stomach like liquid coffee usually does. Plus, their delicious!
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Copycat Jovial Whole Grain Gluten Free Pastry Flour No. 04 (Gum-Free Option)

Whole Grain Gluten Free Pastry Flour Blend

A few months ago, I created a Copycat Jovial Ancient Grain Gluten Free Pastry Flour No. 03 recipe. However, there are many more health benefits to whole grains as well as added flavor. This new whole grain gluten free pastry flour blend is free of added starch such as potato, tapioca, arrowroot, rice and cornstarch; inexpensive to make, and can be made even healthier by following my tips. You can make it even less expensive by using the cheapest of the whole grains. I also provide a gum-free substitute.
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Copycat Jovial Gluten Free Pastry Flour No. 3 (No Added Starch) + 11 Recipes

Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes Without Added Starch Using Ancient Grains

Using mainly ancient grains, over a four-year period, Jovial has developed a gluten free pastry flour that can replace the high carb, refined starch-filled ingredients you usually use in gluten free baking. I have developed a similar recipe that you can make and adjust at home, which can be used as a one-for-one substitute in the many Jovial No. 3 Pastry Flour recipes. Make it lighter or heavier by following my suggestions in the Tips section. Enjoy! Continue reading “Copycat Jovial Gluten Free Pastry Flour No. 3 (No Added Starch) + 11 Recipes”

Copycat Betty Crocker® Gluten Free Devil’s Food Cake Mix

Gluten Free Devil's Food Cake

Moist devil’s food cake is one of those desserts that you say you’re just going to have one bite, but you end up finishing the entire piece. This cake is no different, even when made dairy-free. It was rated highly by my recipe testers for my upcoming cookbook, “Carla’s Best 125 Gluten Free Recipes“.  See the Tips section for a chocolate version.

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Gluten Free Sponge Cake Using Copycat Betty Crocker Mix

Homemade Gluten Free Sponge Cake

When you wish to make a recipe that that has a lot of liquid, pudding, custard, etc., it is best to use a sponge cake versus a regular cake. Sponge cake absorbs liquid, can withstand refrigeration without becoming soggy, and is spongy/springs back when touched. This recipe provides all of that.

While experimenting on a different recipe I discovered how to use my Copycat Betty Crocker Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix to make a sponge cake. Unlike the original gluten free Betty Crocker yellow cake mix, I’ve discovered a way to use my copycat recipe to create a two-layer dessert. Usually, there is only enough to make a decent size coffee cake. You can even use this recipe to make lady fingers using this Lady Finger Pan. Soon, I will post a lady fingers recipe as well as a no-fuss tiramisu-style cake recipe using this sponge cake soon. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Sponge Cake Using Copycat Betty Crocker Mix”

Copycat Gluten Free Trios Girl Scout Cookies (Flourless)

Gluten Free Trio Girl Scout Cookies

After tasting the new Trios Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies, I knew those who were not able to find them in their area would have to taste these amazing cookies. I got right on it today. After several tweaks on baking times, height of dough, amount of invert sugar and butter, I finally did it. I knew on the last 2 batches that I baked, that I had achieved a copycat recipe of the Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies, Trios! Again, I was thinking, “OMG!” I’ve only used that term twice on this blog, but they are truly amazing. When my gluten-eating husband gets home, he’s going to flip out with joy as he loved the Trios we purchased and they were all gone.  Continue reading “Copycat Gluten Free Trios Girl Scout Cookies (Flourless)”

Copycat Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Atkins Shake Recipe

Gluten Free Dairy Free Atkins-Style Shakes
Atkin shakes do not contain any gluten (wheat, rye or barley). They do, however, contain cross-contamination of gluten from their factory. Therefore, they are not labeled gluten free. This led me to develop a gluten free atkins shake recipe that is also dairy and soy-free. I hope you find it helpful. I included the carb ccount on the right side of each ingredient that contains carbs. Atkins shakes cost $7.89 per 4 count. This recipe contains 2.25 carbs. Atkins vanilla shake contains 1 carb and the chocolate, 2 carbs. So, you’ll definitely save money making your own, but you obviously will consume more carbs. They are both 11 ounces.
This recipe is also free of carrageenan and artificial flavoring, which Atkins shakes contain. The below recipe is vanilla and pumpkin-spiced flavored. You can flavor it as you see fit. Just be sure to add carbs where appropriate such as 2 grams for 1 Tablespoon of cocoa powder, which is not allowed during the induction phase. As is, this recipe is allowed during the induction phase as well as throughout the diet.
Note: Many sugar-free substitutes contain carbohydrates. I use stevia, which is much healthier than cancer causing artificial sweeteners. Plus the variety I use does not any carbs at all.
Important: A high protein diet such as the Atkins Diet causes a diuretic effect on the body. While you lose water, you are also losing important minerals such as calcium. If you are not consuming dairy on the Atkins diet, be sure to take calcium supplements.* You can lose about 1.75 milligrams of calcium through water loss for each gram of animal protein ingested.

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Copycat Recipe: Bob’s Red Mill New Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour

Clone Bob's Red Mill 1-to-1 Gluten Free Baking Flour

Have you heard the news? Bob’s Red Mill just released a new product, a gluten-free baking flour that can be used cup-for-cup in your gluten free desserts, without bean flour. They suggest using traditional recipes and substitute the wheat flour/all-purpose white flour with their new Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour. I created a copycat gluten free flour, similar to 1-to-1, which also works well in cookie, cake, brownie, muffin, and pancake recipes, to name a few.

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