Gluten Free Pastry Cream

Image: Individual Pastry Cream Filled Tart

In preparation for my upcoming banana cream pie recipe, I decided to create a gluten free pastry cream recipe, instead of using my go-to Gluten Free Baked Custard, which I use in almost all of my desserts calling for custard. That recipe is actually my creme brulee recipe, but it’s a good catchall. This recipe thickens quickly, which is a pleasure for a change when compared to most custard and pudding recipes. A matter of fact, you may wish to cut back on some of the flour or starch. Continue reading “Gluten Free Pastry Cream”

Sugar-Free Gluten Free Chocolate Parfait

Image: Gluten Free Chocolate Parfait

I’ve had several requests for gluten free, Jello instant pudding recipes as well as sugar-free ones. I do not advocate the use of sugar-free jello instant pudding, as it containsĀ aspartame, which is a known cancer causing sweetener. To make this parfait with Chocolate Sugar-Free Fat-Free Jello Instant PuddingĀ it will contain 8 grams of carbs per 1/2 cup. My suggestion is to make my No-Cook Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse, which is pudding-like, and it uses avocado, a healthy fat, and is sweetened with dates. It also does not contain any chemicals or artificial dyes like the package pudding. Nor does it taste bitter. If you’d like to make the no-cook pudding with lower glycemic levels try substituting the dates with a little agave nectar/syrup. Either way, the natural way may be more work, but it’s delicious and a healthier choice. Enjoy! Continue reading “Sugar-Free Gluten Free Chocolate Parfait”

Gluten Free Chocolate Mousse without Cream

Image: Gluten Free Chocolate Mousse

For Father’s Day I made my husband one of his favorite desserts, chocolate mousse. This gluten free chocolate mousse recipe is no different than a regular version accept for the use of gluten free chocolate. There are several ways you can make chocolate mousse:Ā with heavy whipping cream, with egg yolks, and with egg yolks and butter, but I decided to go with egg yolks and separated egg whites. I allowed it to chill for about 6 hours and it wasn’t light enough for our taste buds, but 2 days later it was wonderful. And I’m sure it would have been lighter on the third day. Chilling for days is one of the keys to making this version lighter, and the use of egg whites is the other. I used semi-sweet chocolate morsels for the one in the photo, but natural dark chocolate is my favorite. And the photo represents only one day chilled. Enjoy. Continue reading “Gluten Free Chocolate Mousse without Cream”

Creme Brulee Steel Cut Oats Recipe

Image: Creme Brulee Steel Cut Oats

A couple of months ago I was reading about Bob’s Red Mill’s steel cut oats recipe contest. I wanted to enter, but never found the time to do so. So, this is the recipe that I would have created for that contest. I had to share it with you, as it makes a healthier creme brulee or a scrumptious breakfast for special occasions such as a brunch! Walnuts or pecans, added along with banana slices make wonderful toppings, too. Add the brown sugar, torch and voila – you have yourself heaven! My husband said he could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I told him “not!” Continue reading “Creme Brulee Steel Cut Oats Recipe”

Gluten Free Vanilla Pudding

Image: Gluten Free Dairy Free Vanilla Pudding

You’re gluten free now, so you may be considering a healthier diet, meaning no more Jello pudding for you? Well, I believe you’ll appreciate this gluten free vanilla pudding recipe even more than the packaged brands. Plus, it is an easy recipe and can be served immediately, warm or refrigerated. The difference between this gluten free vanilla pudding recipe and my custard recipe is mainly that the creme brulee is made with whipping cream and this gluten free pudding is made with milk or milk substitute; is thickened with starch; and that the creme brulee is baked versus the pudding is boiled. If you’re dairy free, feel free to substitute the cow’s milk for your milk of choice. I will be using this as a filling for one of my upcoming recipes. So, stay tuned in! Continue reading “Gluten Free Vanilla Pudding”

Chocolate Bowl Recipe (Gluten-Free) with Chocolate Mousse

I had ordered some chocolate dessert molds and some chocolate candy molds so that when I went to visit my grandkids we’d have something fun to do. I wanted to show the family that gluten free desserts can be delicious, too. We made chocolate bowls filled with mousse. The gluten free chocolate mousse was from a packaged that we doctored up. And we topped it all off with a chocolate candy. Yum! However, we used too large of a size mold, and it was just way too much chocolate for some of us. Though some of us die-hard chocolate lovers finished every bite. I suggest a little smaller size, though any size would make wonderful gluten free desserts. You can even fill them with fresh fruit. If you do not have a chocolate mold try using small custard cups and top one with another. Enjoy and have fun! Continue reading “Chocolate Bowl Recipe (Gluten-Free) with Chocolate Mousse”

No-Cook Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse

Raw Chocolate Mousse

Imagine a no-cook sugar-free chocolate mousse that is also gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, soy-free, corn-free, vegan and more! – that takes 5 minutes to whip up! Of course, you’ll need to soak one of the natural sweeteners, but that just takes about 4 hours. What is that sweetener? Dates! If you’re diabetic or low-carb, use a bit of stevia instead. Inspired by a few of my Facebook friends, I decided to create more gluten-free, sugar-free recipes. I’ve been meaning to grill some fruit but haven’t cleaned the grill yet. Unexpected guests? This is sure to please, as well as a great conversation topic! You can be sure I’ll be creating several versions of this recipe in the very near future. Perhaps with strawberries and bananas (not avocado and strawberries because that will turn to a brown color), other fruit and added nuts, like macadamiaĀ nuts or walnuts. With summertime here, it’s great not to bake! Enjoy and stay healthy!

Continue reading “No-Cook Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse”

Gluten Free Banana Pudding

Gluten-free Banana Pudding

I am leaning more towards milk-free recipes whenever possible. Therefore, I got in the kitchen to experiment with a dairy-free, milk-free pudding. In making this recipe it was obvious that using homemade almond milk with dates was going to make this recipe dark. Ā So, it was safe to add some pureed bananas well before serving, as they darken naturally. My batch was way too sweet, therefore, I reduced the sugar from 1/2 cup to 1/3 in the recipe below. This makes a great gluten free dessert, but can be made with regular milk, as well. In that case you will want to stir the pureed banana in the pudding right before serving, as to prevent its browning. Enjoy this dairy free pudding. I did! Continue reading “Gluten Free Banana Pudding”

Gluten Free Custard Recipe for Cream Puffs, Creme Brulee and More!

Baked Custard

Custard is my favorite dessert next to ice cream and this one is my favorite, as it is a custard recipe for cream puffs! I also use it for creme brulee. It’s a great all-purpose gluten free custard, without the use of any flour. I created a Gluten Free Cream Puff Recipe yesterday upon the request of one of my readers and for my father who is visiting me. He’s Italian and cannot resist a cream puff, even a gluten free cream puff! A matter of fact, I had my best shaped cream puff on the table and had left the room. Upon returning, I found the cream puff in his mouth! I told him I was saving that one to fill and needed to take a picture of it. He said, “The damage is done!” and laughed! We both laughed. My father is 100% Italian and cream puffs are a delicacy. He loved that oneĀ but loved the ones I later filled even more. Being a connoisseur of cream puffs, he can attest to that this custard recipe for cream puffs is tops in his book! I hope you enjoy, as we both did! Continue reading “Gluten Free Custard Recipe for Cream Puffs, Creme Brulee and More!”

Gluten Free Maple Rice Pudding Recipe

Maple Sweetened Gluten Free Rice Pudding

I had quite a bit of leftover white rice and happened to see a restaurant featured on television that shared a portion of their ingredients for rice pudding except for one secret ingredient. And it is naturally gluten free. It looked as if it contained warm maple syrup; and the host of show said it tasted like french toast. I just had to try to make it. The original recipe did not use vanilla bean but I had to add some, as vanilla beans give it a wonderful flavor! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating, and consuming it. Continue reading “Gluten Free Maple Rice Pudding Recipe”

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