Dairy Free Caramel Recipe – Coconut Oil Caramel – No Coconut Flavor (Corn-Free)

Chocolate Covered Dairy Free Caramel

You don’t need dairy or corn syrup to make delicious, chewy caramel. This recipe uses healthy substitutes for butter, cream, corn syrup, and granulated sugar. Check out the ingredients list and see for yourself. I’m sure you’ll be sold on the alternatives, too. There is a slight flavor of coconut, but I swear you won’t care. Even coconut haters enjoy this caramel.

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Chocolate Ganache Marshmallow Frosting – Filling (Dairy-Free Option)

Chocolate Ganache Marshmallow Frosting - Filling

As thick as the ganache filling in chocolate truffles, this chocolate ganache marshmallow frosting and filling tastes like chocolate caramel but is not chewy. This mixture makes one of the most decadent desserts I have had in quite a while. The only problem is that it is so addictive! Enjoy all you want and have a chicken salad for dinner.

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Microwave Caramel Recipe (Gluten-Free Corn-Free) – Nuts Optional

Microwave Caramel Recipe - Gluten Free Corn-Free

When you don’t want to worry about sugar crystals forming on the sides of a saucepan or having to use a candy thermometer,¬† use your microwave! Whether you make this microwave caramel recipe corn-free or not, it is absolutely delicious! It’s so good, that one tin never made it to my neighbor’s house! (head down in¬†embarrassment) Oh well! It’s a good excuse to make another batch! Continue reading “Microwave Caramel Recipe (Gluten-Free Corn-Free) – Nuts Optional”

Gluten Free S’more Truffles

Gluten Free Smore Chocolate Truffles

If you don’t enjoy baking during the summer or are looking for a holiday treat to make, these elegant chocolate truffles contain a lot of fun, flavor, and texture. What’s inside? What else in a S’more anything? Marshmallow, graham cracker crumbs, and, in this case, chocolate ganache! They are amazing! Give them as a gift or serve as a dessert during the hot weather season. The best part about these gluten free¬†smore¬†truffles is that you can top them with anything you desire from graham¬†cracker crumbs to beautiful chocolate designs or candy sprinkles. Continue reading “Gluten Free S’more Truffles”

Gluten Free Cookie Truffles

Gluten Free Cookie Truffles

I created gluten free cookie truffles covered with bittersweet chocolate.I chose to use my Chewy Cranberry Almond and White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for most of the filling. I teach you how to turn them into several variations or you can use your favorite gluten free¬†cookies and chocolate. They’re chewy and delicious! Serve them to family, guests, or give as gifts. Continue reading “Gluten Free Cookie Truffles”

Gluten Free Rocky Road Easter Eggs

Homemade Gluten Free Rocky Road Easter Eggs

When I was growing up as a child, our eldest sister used to give every person in our family a See’s Easter egg. I loved the ones filled with chocolate ganache and walnuts. My husband is a rocky roader-lover. So, I decided to make them rocky road-style for him. You can easily omit the marshmallows if desired. Meanwhile, they pretty easy to make. It just takes time for me the chocolate to set. I hope you enjoy this recipe. They make nice Easter gifts. I’m heading over to my neighbor with one right now. Continue reading “Gluten Free Rocky Road Easter Eggs”