Chocolate Bowl Recipe (Gluten-Free) with Chocolate Mousse

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I had ordered some chocolate dessert molds and some chocolate candy molds so that when I went to visit my grandkids we’d have something fun to do. I wanted to show the family that gluten free desserts can be delicious, too. We made chocolate bowls filled with mousse. The gluten free chocolate mousse was from a packaged that we doctored up. And we topped it all off with a chocolate candy. Yum! However, we used too large of a size mold, and it was just way too much chocolate for some of us. Though some of us die-hard chocolate lovers finished every bite. I suggest a little smaller size, though any size would make wonderful gluten free desserts. You can even fill them with fresh fruit. If you do not have a chocolate mold try using small custard cups and top one with another. Enjoy and have fun! Continue reading “Chocolate Bowl Recipe (Gluten-Free) with Chocolate Mousse”

Gluten Free Chocolate Bark Recipe

Chocolate Bark

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If you are a chocolate and a nut lover like I am, you will appreciate this chocolate bark recipe because it is very heavy in the nuts, making it a more nutritious and high protein choice. The chocolate in this recipe can be adjusted to your liking. I used about 2/3 milk chocolate and 1/3 semi-sweet morsels. You can use Enjoy Life semi-sweet chocolate chips to make it gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, soy free, egg free, casein-free, kosher pareve, vegan and artificial-ingredient-free. Continue reading “Gluten Free Chocolate Bark Recipe”

Gluten Free Walnut Butter Cups

Image: Gluten Free Walnut Butter Cups

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I wanted to make gluten free peanut butter cups, but I do not eat peanut butter very often and the Trader Joe’s peanut butter my husband uses is made in a factory shared with wheat. So, I opted to create walnut butter cups instead. First, I created a walnut butter recipe sweetened with agave syrup, making a great peanut butter substitute. I share both recipes with you below. Anything chocolate makes my day! How about you? Continue reading “Gluten Free Walnut Butter Cups”

Chocolate Almond Brittle – English Toffee (Gluten Free)

Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Brittle

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Whenever we have company my guests really seem to enjoy my Chocolate Almond Brittle, aka English Toffee. I have a lucite See’s Candy container where I store them and everyone believes them to be See’s Candies, and says they are delicious. I then explain it is not See’s but a homemade recipe. It tastes similar to Almond Roca, but I like it much better. Below I explain how to make it successfully. Continue reading “Chocolate Almond Brittle – English Toffee (Gluten Free)”

Healthy Sugar-Free Gluten Free Chocolate Truffles

Gluten Free Mashed Potato Chocolate Ganache Truffles

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I was watching “Paula’s Home Cooking” on The Food Network channel the other day, and Paula showed how to make Chocolate Covered Potato Eggs (for Easter). Her recipe had a white filling and inspired this chocolate truffle recipe with walnuts I just created. My favorite See’s Easter egg has a chocolate cream and walnut filling, therefore, this is what I made today. I added cocoa powder and walnuts; substituted stevia and agave syrup for the powdered sugar; and changed its shape into the typical round truffle. This is a healthier truffle recipe than most. I dipped some in chocolate and froze them; rolled others in unsweetened cocoa powder; and others in walnuts. My husband found it hard to believe it contained mashed potatoes. Give this recipe a try. It tastes great and is so fun to make! Continue reading “Healthy Sugar-Free Gluten Free Chocolate Truffles”