Gluten free Easter brunch: green eggs and soft boiled

Green Scrambled Eggs Surrounding a Soft Boiled Egg

Whether you’re having a large crowd or an intimate gathering for Easter or Passover brunch, or Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day served in bed, you can create a wonderful presentation by using this recipe for soft boiled or hard boiled eggs, placed mid green colored scrambled eggs, for your gluten free meal. However, for Passover, you may wish to serve boiled eggs as an appetizer. Whether hard boiled or soft boiled this presentation should be a big hit! Continue reading “Gluten free Easter brunch: green eggs and soft boiled”

Gluten Free Challah Recipe

Gluten Free Challah Bread

Because the best gluten free dough is closer to a batter rather than a dough, it is very difficult to achieve a braided dough in a gluten free challah recipe. And since the braids in challah represent unity, I thought a fluted bundt pan may due the trick nicely, as the sections appear to be a representation of unity. However, you cannot use the bottom of the bundt pan as the top of your challah, since it is impossible to add the egg wash and achieve a nice browning from the bottom of the pan. After rising I attempted to cut some slices in the top to achieve a braided look, but it did not rise any more during the baking process, therefore, does not look braided. Not to mention the slits on the top did not look like a braid to begin with. I believe making the slits actually prevented further rising. I think I’ll try making slits in the dough prior to rising next time. Continue reading “Gluten Free Challah Recipe”

High Protein Gluten Free Crepes – Blintz – Cheese Rolls (Flourless)

Image: Gluten Free Crepes

I needed to create a cheese rolls recipe, often known as blintz, using tapioca flour starch for an eHow video and thought I would include dairy-free options. Though you may use cow’s milk for a creamier crepe, dairy-free milk or even water will work. I filled my crepe with chopped sauteed Swiss chard with garlic, a mixture of sauteed onion and red bell pepper, topped with a little Gluten Free Bechamel Sauce. Though these are high in egg, they do not taste eggy. Fill with anything sweet or savory. A crepe filled with cottage cheese is known in the Jewish community as a blintz. Others fill them with cheese and roll them up like a burrito around all sides and bake until warm. Usually, they are then topped with a fruit sauce. Gluten free crepes are like an empty canvas. Create away! Continue reading “High Protein Gluten Free Crepes – Blintz – Cheese Rolls (Flourless)”

Gluten Free Latkes

Image: Gluten Free Latkes

If you’ve never had latkes you’re in for a treat. These are full of flavor and may be topped with the traditional and optional sour cream or warmed apple sauce. Though they are traditionally served during Hanukkah, they may served any time of the year. Perhaps you already have a favorite gluten free latkes recipe, but you have problems with turning them over in one piece. You’ll be able to enjoy these  latkes by applying one simple step. Enjoy them warm, a wonderful winter side dish! Continue reading “Gluten Free Latkes”