Carla’s Gluten Free Online Store

Shipping gluten-free products, as well as essential gluten-free cookbooks, books, kitchen items, and more, straight to your door via my Amazon store.

You will be able to view any shipping charges after you enter your payment information, prior to submitting your order.

All items were researched prior to adding them to my store, to ensure the safety of those with gluten intolerance. However, because ingredients change in products, be certain to read ingredient labels prior to consuming.

Start here using the search tool to search all of Amazon, or continue below to the researched products in my gluten free online store.


Amazon recently changed the price for free shipping on items eligible for free shipping from over $25 to $35 and over. They also have some items marked as Add-on items. These items require that you already have $25 or more of items in your cart that are shipped by (including items sold by other sellers and shipped by Amazon). Some sellers ship their own products. It may seem confusing. Please contact Carla via the contact form if you have any questions.


Can’t Find What You Need?

Need a gluten-free product that is not already in the store? Email Carla via the contact form and she’ll do her best to add it to the store.

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