Gluten Free Mexican Casserole (TexMex)

GF Mexican Casserole

I was going to make pupusas which contain the same basic ingredients as this gluten free Mexican casserole, but you have to make patties out of the cornmeal and stuff each one individually, seal it up and then fry them. Being lazy, I thought, “Why not just make a one dish casserole?” And I’d prevent the higher fat fried food, as well! This dish can be made with leftover ground beef or bison, chopped chicken or turkey, tender chopped beef, and more. Add cheese to the mixture, or not. I added mine on the time to keep some form to the casserole. It was delicious, but the key is using black refried beans instead of regular. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Mexican Casserole (TexMex)”

Gluten Free Casserole: Beef Pesto Rice

In a rush to make a gluten free dinner? Try this easy gluten free casserole recipe using premade gluten-free basil pesto. Add veggies, if you desire, or serve with a salad. This recipe includes only 4 ingredients and can be made in about 15 minutes. Some rice brands may take longer to cook, however, I found one brand that cooks in under 20 minutes, less. You can speed up the cooking time by using instant rice, which is lower in carbs and only takes about 5 minutes to cook. My husband and I really enjoyed this simple, yet scrumptious gluten free casserole recipe, Italian style! Continue reading “Gluten Free Casserole: Beef Pesto Rice”

Gluten Free Casserole: No Egg Chicken Carbonara

Image: Gluten-Free Egg-Free Chicken Carbonara

I broke all the rules in making carbonara. Thus the title, “Gluten Free Casserole”.  I used penne pasta, no egg yolk, mozzarella instead of Parmesan, and more.  It is so yummy! You can make this an easy recipe by using pre-cooked gluten-free crumbled bacon. This dish has a gourmet flavor, as I used a bit of white wine. However, you can substitute the wine with additional chicken broth. Add veggies, if you desire. I am looking forward to trying this gluten free casserole with fresh baby spinach. I surely would pay for this dish in a fine restaurant. Continue reading “Gluten Free Casserole: No Egg Chicken Carbonara”