Gluten Free Pizza: BOLD Organics Review and Giveaway

Bold Organics Pizza

You may already know that I avoid soy most of the time, however, it seems that you always get something you don’t want in almost all processed food. BOLD Organics gluten free pizza is the one exception I would make. Why? Though it contains soy, it is dairy free and contains all organic ingredients. And if you’re dairy free, you know that there is only one cheese around that actually stretches and melts well. At least that is what I thought. The cheese used on BOLD Organics Pizza is wonderful! It’s vegan gourmet. Their meat and sauce is full of flavor. If it hadn’t arrived frozen, I would have sworn it came from a high-end pizza parlor, but better. I believe it’s because everything is organic. And by the way, they have vegan gluten free pizza! – or meat lovers, and more! Continue reading “Gluten Free Pizza: BOLD Organics Review and Giveaway”

Baked or Grilled Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipe (in Cast Iron Skillet)

Image: Grilled Gluten Free Pizza

I keep hearing from some of my readers that it’s just too hot to bake, even a good gluten-free pizza! In researching how to grill a gluten-free pizza in a cast iron skillet, I came across Man Tested Recipes’ Pizza Dough for Cast Iron Skillet Pizza recipe. Though it is not a gluten-free grilled pizza recipe, it provided me with how much yeast to use, so I could skip the Expandex used in my previous gluten free pizza crust recipe. In addition, my last recipe was a bit too chewy for my taste. So, this time, I added a little more sorghum flour, used less tapioca starch and more potato starch, skipped the agar-agar, and tripled the yeast. It came out great in less than hour! I hope you enjoy! Continue reading “Baked or Grilled Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipe (in Cast Iron Skillet)”

Gluten Free Pizza Crust made with Expandex

Image: Gluten Free Pizza Crust made with Expandex

You do not have to own a pizza stone to make gluten free pizza crust, though a preheated stone does absorb moisture, creating a more crisp crust, without the use of additional oils and calories. I like to make pizza crust ahead of time, bake them for about 5 minutes and then freeze them. This enables me to come home after a busy day and just top them and bake them – voila! – a great gluten-free pizza ready in no time! Chewy, crunchy and a nice high dough on the edge! See my update towards the bottom of page for an alternate recipe along with links to many more pizza crust recipes. Continue reading “Gluten Free Pizza Crust made with Expandex”