Ground Beef Recipe: Gluten Free Risotto Casserole

Using my basic gluten free risotto recipe I created this delicious casserole. It is fully of¬†delightful aromas as well as flavors. The beef mixture cooks up in a matter of a few minutes. Make the risotto the day before. Then just add in veggies and the risotto and you have yourself a gluten free dinner recipe in well under 30 minutes. Enjoy! Continue reading “Ground Beef Recipe: Gluten Free Risotto Casserole”

Basic Gluten Free Risotto

Image: Ginger Risotto

There are all sorts of possible add-ins to this gluten free risotto recipe. However, if you wish to make a simple addition, simply adding a bit of grated parmesan/romano cheese will do the trick. I have served this rice with roast and green beans; and then used it in a ground beef casserole the following day. I added left over veggies, creating a very flavorful casserole. You’ll find that the below photo is a gluten free risotto dish with ginger, rosemary, parmesan, and gorgonzola cheese.¬†What will you add to your risotto? Also, check out my¬†Gluten Free Asparagus Prosciutto¬†Risotto¬†recipe. Continue reading “Basic Gluten Free Risotto”

Gluten Free Asparagus Prosciutto Risotto

On a gluten free diet many of us eat a lot of rice. Gluten free risotto is a nice change. I am getting tired of the same old rice dishes and wanted to mix things up a bit. The only risotto recipes I have taste-tested were in fine Italian restaurants, but never cooked it myself. Imagine that! And I’m half Italian! Our family always ate the same asparagus recipe, boiled, and dipped in mayonnaise while eating. Traditional risotto includes parmesan cheese cooked into the rice. It makes it creamier, though it is pretty creamy alone because of the starch content of the arborio rice.¬† However, because prosciutto is already very salty I opted on just topping the rice off with a little parmesan cheese. Continue reading “Gluten Free Asparagus Prosciutto Risotto”