Gluten-Free Snacks: Spiced Nuts or Agave Candied Spiced Nuts

With the holidays soon approaching you may find these gluten-free snack recipes will come in handy. It’s definitely less expensive than purchasing canned nuts. These spiced nuts make a great everyday gluten-free snack, as well. Use your favorite nuts. I would have definitely added some macadamia nuts, but I was out. You can change the spices to fit your tastes, as well. For Halloween, use allspice, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon with pumpkin seeds! Mix up your gluten-free snacks with mixed nuts. Check out the two recipe versions below and have fun! Continue reading “Gluten-Free Snacks: Spiced Nuts or Agave Candied Spiced Nuts”

El’s Gluten-Free Snacks Review and Giveaway

Image: El's Kitchen Medleys Gluten Free Snacks

Oh my! What a delight! I am addicted to el’s Gluten-Free Zesty Mix Medleys. The manufacturer, el’s, the makers of these wonderful gluten-free snacks, sent me samples of their Zesty Mix Medleys and Bagel Snaps. I love the Bagel Snaps because they are not as salty as the Medleys, and have a much milder flavor, and I really need to watch my sodium intake. However, the Medleys are to die for! They contain a little bit of everything: potato chips, corn nuts, pretzels, flaxseed corn chips, and a lot of spice, with a bit of a kick (heat). Definitely two tasty snacks! Read on to view a detailed photo of the Medleys.

Earlier this summer, I was on a long flight home from our vacation. When I’m tired is when I make mistakes of consuming gluten. I was handed a similar medley mix on the plane, opened them up and had a few bites. Suddenly a light went off…”These contain gluten! Continue reading “El’s Gluten-Free Snacks Review and Giveaway”