Gluten Free Stuffing Muffins

Image: Gluten Free Stuffing Muffins

Stuffing, aka, dressing, is not just for the holidays. I find that a great way to use stale or over-baked bread is to make muffins with your gluten free stuffing. They freeze well, and you can rebake them as needed, making them a great side dish for weeknight meals. I had left out some of the water in my Gluten Free Millet Bread Recipe, and it turned out dry. Stuffing appears to be my answer, as to not waste it. I’m really glad that I did, as it was surprisingly delicious! I’m not one to use a whole grain bread for stuffing. The flavor was superb, and made a great compliment to the ingredients. Whichever gluten free bread you choose, I hope you enjoy this recipe, as well. Continue reading “Gluten Free Stuffing Muffins”

Gluten Free Cornbread Stuffing Recipe with Sausage Option

Image: Gluten Free Cornbread Stuffing - Dressing

The only gluten free stuffing (some say dressing) that I care for is the kind that has been baked in a bird, whether a turkey or a chicken. However, this gluten free cornbread stuffing recipe is very good, after two attempts, and I didn’t even have it stuffed in a bird when testing it. Of course, a bird’s juices surely provides more flavor. This gluten free cornbread stuffing recipe has plenty of flavor on its own, and is perfect for those who do not care for sage, though it may be added. I’ve also added dairy-free and vegan/vegetarian options. Enjoy and have a wonderful, fun filled Thanksgiving. Among many other things, I give thanks for gluten free stuffing — and elastic waste pants! Continue reading “Gluten Free Cornbread Stuffing Recipe with Sausage Option”

Gluten Free Cornbread for Stuffing or Dessert

Moist Gluten Free Cornbread

Last year I had a request for a good gluten free cornbread stuffing recipe, but I hadn’t created a gluten free cornbread recipe, and never got around to it. So, this year, it is my top priority. Once you have a good gluten free cornbread recipe you can make any stuffing recipe you choose using that gluten free cornbread. Preferably it should be a soft, absorbable one. This recipe is more of a cake-style cornbread recipe, however, you can adjust it to create a more traditional gluten free cornbread for stuffing.

I love the dessert version. I think my hubby’s favorite foods are stuffing and cornbread, and he was in heaven with this gluten free corn bread recipe this morning, and he’s not 100% gluten free! With the adjustments above, hubby says it tastes just like cornbread. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Cornbread for Stuffing or Dessert”

Gluten Free Stuffing – Apple Walnut

Image: Gluten Free Stuffing with Walnuts and Apples

This gluten free stuffing recipe is great for roasting a chicken, as I used it, or for a turkey.  It contains apples and optional walnuts. I always suggest trying a new stuffing recipe with a chicken prior to using  it in your Thanksgiving turkey. The amount I made below was stuffed inside a 5 pound organic chicken, free of antibiotics and hormones, and the rest baked in foil aside the roasting pan. This is on the sweet side, but savory as well! Continue reading “Gluten Free Stuffing – Apple Walnut”