Celiac Disease Neurological Symptoms – Is Gluten Damaging Your Brain

When I first began reading this article. My first thought was, “Not another thing associated with celiac and gluten!” As I read further, I began to see to possible connection with more than celiac disease, but with any type of gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance. This article covers a study which shows actual brain damage in those with celiac disease and the common and more serious celiac disease neurological symptoms, including brain damage. Read on to learn from Dr. Vikki Petersen. Continue reading “Celiac Disease Neurological Symptoms – Is Gluten Damaging Your Brain”

Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Forum 2012

Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity 2012 Forum Banner

If you haven’t attended one of the annual Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Forums yet, you’re in for an adventure. This unique event is where people gather to learn information about gluten sensitivity/intolerance and celiac disease. You’ll have the chance to speak to international experts in the field, and just like at trade shows, sample a variety of gluten-free foods. There’s nothing like the feeling of being around 300 or so people who all have the same thing in common. Continue reading “Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Forum 2012”