Fresh Fruit Heals Leaky Gut

The best recipes for a leaky gut contain whole foods (unprocessed foods), but some in particular. Perhaps you’re sick of fruit and are now going for those high carb snacks. I think we all have gone through the feeling of being deprived when we first start a gluten free diet, though once you find your favorite brands of gluten free baked goods, including bread, all hell breaks loose on the scale, at least those of us who have healed already. This is why I have been concentrating on finding a more healthy gluten free snack. Though I don’t ever think I’ll give up perfecting gluten free baked recipes. Everything in moderation, right? So, while your gut is still healing, ditch those high carb baked goods and reach recipes for leaky gut such as those containing high complex carbohydrates: legumes (if tolerated), fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. Continue reading “Fresh Fruit Heals Leaky Gut”

Gluten Free Cracker Recipe: Whole Grain

Plate of Whole Grain Gluten Free Crackers

This was my first attempt at creating a gluten free cracker recipe. I was really anchoring for a healthy gluten-free snack made from whole grains. They compliment a dip very well. Avocado and hummus are my faves! They have a bit of a nutty flavor due to the teff and millet flours, a great way to get fiber and whole grains. The thinner you roll them, the crispier the cracker. Perhaps you already have a favorite gluten free cracker recipe. And perhaps and this will inspire you to use a little whole grains in it next time. Enjoy!

You will need: