Gluten Free Spanish Rice No Tomatoes

Image: Gluten Free Spanish Rice Without Tomatoes

Gluten free Spanish rice without tomatoes you ask? With tomato allergies dishes are challenging enough, without even considering the gluten-free diet. So when cooking¬†Mexican food I need to be creative. Most Spanish rice dishes are usually naturally gluten-free, but this gluten-free Spanish rice contains taco seasoning and many commercial ones may contain gluten. If you do not have gluten-free taco mix at hand see the recipe I provide below. Try it and spice up your next rice recipe! Continue reading “Gluten Free Spanish Rice No Tomatoes”

Gluten Free Chili Without Tomatoes and Beans

Image: Gluten Free Chili Without Beans Without Tomatoes

I made this gluten free chili without tomatoes because I have a tomato allergy. I also made this chili without beans and is gluten-free. I miss the sweetness that tomatoes bring to a good chili recipe, but I found a way to sweeten it up this recipe without tomatoes. It can be made as mild or hot as you wish. Just skip the cheese topping and it will be dairy free, too. My husband and I really enjoyed this gluten free chili¬†recipe and hope that you will, too! Continue reading “Gluten Free Chili Without Tomatoes and Beans”