17 Annual Gluten Free Recipe Memberships Giveaway!

Do you want a membership to Carla’s Gluten Free Recipe Box? There are over 1,200 raved about gluten free recipes with your name on it. Now is your chance to enter to win 1 of 17 free memberships. I will only host a giveaway once per year. THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.

17 Gluten Free Recipes Annual Membership Giveaway


It broke my heart to turn this site into a membership site, but I needed to create revenue to support the site after being hacked a number of times which lowered my search engine ranking, resulting in nearly no ad revenue. When a few people wrote me stating that they couldn’t afford a membership, this was my solution.

If you can afford one, just click here to join now.

So, without further ado, learn about this giveaway:



Because 17 wonderful paid members took time out of their busy lives to write a review about their annual membership experience on Carla’s Gluten Free Recipe Box, I am giving away 17 free memberships, one each to 17 lucky winners.


Age Requirements:

You must be 18 years old or the legal age in your state to enter such contests. In the United States, without parental permission, you must be 18 years old.


Country Requirement:

This giveaway is open worldwide, or where legal.


Giveaway Ending Date:

This giveaway runs from March 2 – 31, 2016 PT. Any comments entered after this date will be deleted.


How Often Can I Enter?

Each person can only enter once. If they enter more than once, they will not win and forfeit their membership.


How to Enter:

First, go over to the Membership page and read some of the reviews by clicking on “Reviews 17” to be sure if the membership is right for you. Still not sure? Then go over to the Recipe Index and check out some of the gluten free recipes in your favorite categories. Lastly, learn more about Carla Spacher, the gluten-free expert and recipe developer for Carla’s Gluten Free Recipe Box.

At the bottom of this page, there are four fields: Comment, Name, Email, Website, and a box for “I’m not a robot”.

  1. In the “Comment” field, add the reason you wish to enter this giveaway.
  2. Add your name, real or not, to the “Name” field. (Your real name will need to be provided if you are a winner.)
  3. Add your email address to “Email” field. Double check it to be sure there are no errors. I cannot contact you without your correct email address.
  4. Ignore the website field unless you own a website. There is no need to add your Facebook url or anything else.
  5. Click in the box next to “I’m not a robot” to create a check mark, which will let the software know that you are not a spammer, but an actual person.


Where and When the Winners Will Be Announced:

The winners will be announced at the bottom of this page, during the first week of April.


And the winners are…

  1. Tanya
  2. Lynne Curran
  3. Jennifer
  4. Shelly White
  5. Majory
  6. Darlene Burroughs
  7. Monica Rathmann
  8. Maryanne Gautreau
  9. Tresa Johnson
  10. Amina
  11. Linda O Sullivan
  12. Gina Tate
  13. Ramona Carpenter
  14. Ronel van den berg
  15. Debra Baker
  16. Deeva Williams
  17. Melnda Jansen

If your name is listed above, please check your email account and reply to the winner’s notification email so that I may set up your account.

69 Replies to “17 Annual Gluten Free Recipe Memberships Giveaway!”

  1. I have been using your recipes ever since I was diagnosed. I love the variety and flavors and they always turn out as expected. I currently have a membership, since January, (my husband knew I loved your site), and we managed to purchase the membership. I would love to win a second year. I certainly appreciate everything you provide and do for everyone.

  2. I would love to win a free membership. I love all of the information that is on this site. Being able to learn more about Being Gluten Free. I love being able to test recipes. Being able to make something when you go places that you can eat and not worry about getting sick.

  3. I was diagnosed with Celiac in July of 2015 and joined your page with membership in Jan.2016 as I enjoyed your info and recipes on Facebook . Love the recipes made several ! Keep up the great work?

  4. I have been receiving this site for several years and have gotten many recipes from it. Since I do my own cooking they have been really helpful to me. Needing to eat Gluten-Free is not easy but having this help with recipes and suggestions makes it much better. 81 years old and still cooking. Thanks CARLA.

  5. At present time, I cannot afford a membership to the site, but would love to be able to join so I can have access to many wonderful and helpful recipes for my dietary needs. Being allergy free, gluten free, and dairy free is not easy, but having a disease that requires you to keep a moderately clean diet makes it necessary. I have been following Carla through a variety of channels ever since I first came on the gluten free journey.

  6. I am new to having to eat gluten free and I am also suppose to be dairy free and this site has made it much easier for me to convert over and still eat delicious food.

  7. I’ve cut way back on my subscriptions as one of my many attempts to save money. I’ve been retired now for several years and am not able to stretch my pension to cover expenses. But I’ve been a frequent reader of yours for some time and miss being able to access everything on your site. Please let me be one of the 17 winners!

  8. having Lupus, my rheumatologist says I should go gluten free. would love a subscription to try out new foods.

  9. I came to this site back when no membership was required and found an amazing bisquick recipe that I use weekly. When it became a membership-only site I scraped together my pennies and subscribed, because I truly cannot live without that recipe, I haven’t found anything that comes close to comparing! I can’t wait to try more and hopefully win a second membership year free! Keep the great recipes coming!

  10. I just found your website this last week and joined. I have Celiac plus intolerance to soy, potato, nuts and other stuff. Your recipes look great and I am excited to try them out. I would love to win a free membership because I am always trying to keep to a budget.
    I’m sorry to hear you were hacked. Aren’t people who do that just annoying (and expensive!)

  11. I have just found out im severely allergic to wheat i get an anaphalaxis type reaction everytime i eat it. I wouldnt normally need a membership but i would love to have one for all the recipes as i am stuck on food ideas it be good to have as i know other people i can share info to

  12. I am a full-time working Mom with a gluten and dairy intolerance and am always searching for delicious easy recipes to simplify my life! I truly appreciate the opportunity to enter this drawing and thank you for your generosity! Good luck and congrats to all that win! ?

  13. I have been gluten free for 6 years. It took some time to transition from regular flour to learning how to bake gluten free. I have seen many gluten free books, recipes, and websites. I have consistently enjoyed the recipes that I have found here. I always get rave reviews!

  14. We went gf and struggle to find good quality recipes to eat. I have rosacea husband has celiac disease. It is a struggle but were determined.

  15. Dear Carla, God Bless you for having this contest. My husband and I are in our mid seventies, living on Social Security, both of us have different illnesses we have to deal with ( heart disease, spinal stenosis ,diabetes and ulceritive colitis. We have found that eating Gluten Free has helped us to feel much better. Of all the web sites on Gluten free recipes, I have found yours to be the best. My husband has always been a fussy eater. I have found he really loves the dishes I cook from your recipes (no fussing from him). With us being on such a tight budget, it seems , when I want to subscribe to your web sight, something comes up and I have to put the money somewhere else. I want to thank you also for giving us the time to print up recipes before the paid subscriptions started, I use them for now, but I see ,through your emails, I am missing a lot of good ones.
    I tell myself , someday, I will subscribe. Thank you for taking the time to post your recipes, I know they help people with all kind of health issues. Gods Blessings to you…………..Mrs. M. N

  16. I am gluten-free because I have a rare auto immune disease and my doctor thought it was worth a try. The good news? It makes a world of difference in my life. The bad news? I am looking at a lifetime of giving up lots of foods I love. But I want to feel better for myself and my family, so doggone it, I am going to be as good a cook gluten-free as I was cooking glutened food!

  17. I have recently has to go gluten free due to extreme stabbing pains in my tummy when I eat anything with wheat in it. I’ve been learning the hard way that gluten is in so many things. I see people online doing this line it’s easy, but when you start at 40 – not so easy, at least not for me. It’s exciting to see a website that has so much help available.

  18. I have lived with IBS for many years wothout a correct diagnosis until a year and a half ago. Going gluten free has been a tricky process as in my area, I was the one educating my dietician @ my doctor’s office as well as the hospital dietician when I had meningitus. As a single parent, I do have to be careful how I spend my budget, so having the access granted in the giveaway would be most appreciated!

  19. i would love a free mmebership to Carla’s Gluten Free Recipe Box. I have a wheat sensitivity. When I took the test for celiac disease, I wound up with even more allergies. I have allergies to everything; my walker, computer, clothing, glasses, laundry and dish soaps, many fruits and vegetables, and may more foods and items. I have helped out the local celiac group by finding gluten free coupons and samples for their walk two out of three years. I sponsored a gluten free church circle program a few years ago. I know raised cash register receipts have gluten in them too. My health is improving, but it is till tough. I’m learning to reach out to people in different ways and I could recommend your site to people on a global basis. Please consider me for one of the 17 prizes. I’m 67, and I’m on a fixed income at the present time. I do volunteer work almost on a weekly basis. I know gluten free people. I take products that are gluten free. I have written to many authors and they have told me not order their books because they use gluten free flours I have allergies to.
    I inquired about the recipes because I have allergies to five or six gluten free flours. You told me there were 12 recipes that would help me

  20. Since being diagnosed with gluten intolerance I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed. I’ve spent money on gluten free product in stores only to find out they don’t taste very good. Next I tried gluten free bread recipes from various websites and they don’t turn out right, I’ve been baking for years before my diagnosis and never had a problem with my baking turning out. I’ve spent money being diagnosed, spent money trying to buy gluten free products and spent money baking things that don’t turn out and I’m really afraid to spend more money, it’s overwhelming. I would love a free membership to try your recipes, from your reviews this might be the site I’ve been searching for. Thank you for your consideration.

  21. I want go gluten free for my son and the fact I have an endocrine system issue. Thank you for all you do.

  22. I am a 67 year old retired female who has had celiac disease almost 15 years. I cook my own bread and am also a Weight Watchers Lifetimer. So the lighter the fare while still being gluten-free is great. I do not know if your site can fill the bill, but would love to find out. I tried a few of your recipes before you had to join and did like them. So please consider me for your free subscription and I will be greatly appreciative for the honor.

  23. I have gluten intolerance. I have was diagnosed 3 years ago and am still mourning bread! I still cheat and need to stop. I do love to cook and love new recipes to try!

  24. I have really enjoyed your recipes. However, I can not afford the membership. I am on a limited budget and the extra cost of being gluten intolerant has stretched my budget to the limit. I do understand your reasons for the membership but I am saddened by it as well. Good luck in your adventures and keep creating great g/f recipes.

  25. I am 52 years old. Have hypothyroidism for 30 years. Never knew there was an alternate to medication until I heard of gluten free. In South Africa , it is very expensive to be gluten free and your recipes are really the best alternative. I really enjoyed the fact that I could eat and enjoy my food , using your recipes. I would really love to win. Thank you

  26. My 5 yr old son is diagnosed celiac i m frm India.. There are aprox v lil information on gluten free diet n gf foods.. I cook for my kid but now he wants diff taste too.. I tried 2 of ur free recipes n he loves them.
    Ur recipes r too gud n easy for every celiac. U r a goddess for celiac’s taste buds. Its my son’s gud luck if u choose me.

  27. I have PKU, which is a medical condition in which I cannot digest foods high in protein. While gluten is an issue for me, a lot of gluten-free foods and recipes are still too high in protein for me to use. I feel paying for a membership to find out I cannot have any of the recipes you have would not be justifiable for me, as I have started a new business and my funds are still low right now. As I have not been able to see any of the recipes before seeing if this membership would work for me, I cannot justify paying for a membership at this time. I am always looking for new options, but it is difficult, and a lot of recipes that are online do not translate well with substitutions for low protein versions of things (ie, flour, milk, egg replacements, etc). I would like a chance to see the recipes you have available as all the reviews have been astronomically good!

  28. My son was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I’m trying to gain my footing still. I very much need gluten free recipes in my “recipe box”. I have so much to learn!

  29. Have many food sensitivities after chemotherapy. Must forsake the yeasty breads I used to love baking, so I can build my immune system. Have tried GF flours, but had yucky results. Am pinching pennies since I suddenly had to replace my wonderful 11year old Buick, or I’d be happy to pay for the membership. Please enter me in the drawing!

  30. I had been a member on your blog before, but haven’t been able to join since you changed the format as I’ve been getting ready for a knee replacement this week. I have always appreciated the recipes you shared. I made many of them, and learned from all of the others. I value having a place to look for recipes that I can trust.

  31. I am 62 years old, my husband is getting his masters in counseling, I am the only one working and we cannot afford much. I love your site and want to continue with your recipes. I have been diagnosed with Celiac since 2007. Thank you

  32. I would love to win a membership. It’s hard to find recipes I like. I enjoy your recipes and they are not too hard to make.

  33. Hi, I have no thyroid and the “diet” that my ND has me on has no gluten or dairy…I have been able to substitute a few things in my daily meals, but it is hard to get the rest of the family on board. I was recv’g recipes and ideas; but now its hard to do without having a membership. I would LOVE to be able to access your recipes again!

  34. I’ve known of my celiac for about 7 years and have been gluten free since then.
    My 3 sons – (ok, yes, I am old enough to remember the old tv show with Fred MacMurray) have all tested negative for it so far, though my middle son does have autism.
    Our doctor said it was very likely they all will be affected later in life. We took a vote and decided it was much simpler to have our house become GF. But, it’s such a challenge to make interesting and flavorful meals, breads and goodies for, basically, 4 big men – if you count my husband!
    The expense – of all things gluten free – has been very hard to justify when I’m the only one who must have GF. I really do feel guilty and work hard to perfect old favorites.
    My guys have been really good sports about it, but it’s been an ongoing problem, every week, come shopping day.

  35. My 8 year old son has celiac disease, and I am always looking for new things to try. I tend to not be the best cook, so I really need help in replacing some of the “favorites” he use to be able to have. He is extremely sensitive to cross contamination, so going out is very hard to do for us. He gets so scared to eat anywhere other than home.

  36. As cancer survivors, both in our 70’s, my husband and I are taking control of our diets in order to take control of our health. We have found that we do so much better without gluten or dairy, but before I discovered Carla’s website, eating just wasn’t as enjoyable as it used to be. This membership would help us continue on our path until the cookbook comes out. Thank you!

  37. I would love to win a membership! Before Carla went to members only, I searched and used her recipes frequently. I’m fairly new to gluten free and still experimenting. I miss having access to these recipes!

  38. Hello,
    Your recipes look amazing! I would love a free membership. I have been gluten free now for 12 years and would love to try some of your recipes as I love baking.

  39. I would like to be entered in this giveaway because I love cooking & baking & trying new recipes, especially gluten-free ones that the rest of my family can’t believe are gluten-free! Thanks for this opportunity!

  40. I have had celiac disease since Feb 2011. From that time I have
    been searching for different gluten-free recipes from different
    websites. I have been on your emailing list for a while. At home
    my wife and I (we are living in Europe) we have tried to find our flours, substitutions and measurements for your recipes in order to get a good final result in our home made baking.
    It would be nice if we could get a free membership to Carla`s GF Recipe Box.
    We would like to carry on with you Carla and get acquainted with your GF world.
    Have a good future with your tremendous work which you have done during many years.

  41. I am gluten intolerant. And some of the gluten free foods do NOT taste good! After reading through your recipes, I have hope!! Hope, for good tasting foods again! Thank you for ALL you do!

  42. I would love to win a membership because I loved all your recipes when I could still get them without a membership. I miss being able to try out more of your recipes since the change. Both my kids and me are gluten intolerant. Yours are the easiest and tastiest recipes I’ve tried since going gluten free almost 3 years now.

  43. I would love to have a membership to Carla’s Gluten Free Recipe Box because I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance a year and a half ago and am still trying to teach myself how to cook and eat gluten free. A membership would be very helpful and useful to me.

  44. This is a gift like no other- the gift of health. The recipes are really inspiring and make you feel that you are eating normal foods, because on most days I do not and get frustrated. Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity.

  45. I cook gluten free recipe for my granddaughter who can’t have wheat products . I can not afford to buy the membership cause I’m on a fixed income .my granddaughter was born with celiac disease we found has she gets older that she can’t a lot of stuff that every one else does .we after carry a epic pin with us every where we go that way if she happens to eat something that has wheat , oatmeal or anything that she might get a hold of we can give a shot to try and stop her from breaking out in a rash or possibly even dyeing from what ever she eat .

  46. Since being diagnosed with Celiac’s disease at the age of 45, I have been trying to be gluten free. Yet I find that a lot of gluten free food just does not taste good! Then I found your page and I saw your amazing recipes!! Now I have hope, and I can make meals for my husband, son and myself that are delicious and most importantly, SAFE for me to eat.

    Thank you for giving me hope for a normal life!!

  47. I would love to win one of these memberships as my son is just after finding out he has a wheat intolerance,Iam finding it difficult at the moment but with your membership id get great good out of it as Iam all new to this and want to b able to bake and cook delicious snacks and meals for my son.

  48. I would love to win a membership. Times have been tough due to health issues and possible fundoplication surgery in future. I have been diagnosed celiac for 16 years or so.
    You have such amazing recipes even my son who is not celiac but has autism, anxiety and ADHD loves your recipes. He enjoys cooking and baking and watching these types of shows with me.
    To win would be so amazing. Thank you for the chance

  49. I am a busy mom and wife….struggle with things to give my one girl and myself as we are gluten free…this would come in handy for shared morning tea at work as there are some of my work mates that is also gluten free….the info is helpful so that I can teach my girl what it means to be gluten free and healthy.

  50. On a fixed income and have found gf in stores to be expensive and often not good. Have enjoyed your recipes and newsletters and would enjoy being able to do so again.

  51. I’m a Mom of 2 who is new to the gluten-free spectrum. Realizing i now need to be GF all the time, I’m also afraid my youngest needs to be gluten-free. Would love some tried and true recipes that my kids will eat too. Thank you.

  52. Our family of 9 went gluten free in 2003 after a deatiled extended elimination diet. Before going gluten free I had baked our bread. At first we were breadless , and we experimented a lot but a really decent bread still escapes home production. Since my husband’s death two years ago I have had some intriguing health challenges which have brought me to a far more restricted diet and I have been too exhausted to experiment anymore. I think you could help.

  53. Please choose me, i swear i cannot afford any thing else, everytime i turn around im allergic to something else, so expensive, and confusing

  54. Trying to transition to GF shouldn’t be difficult, but certainly can be. I love the fact that your recipes include everything — main dishes to those oh so important desserts! :) I also like that in reading your introduction to recipes, you talk about having changed it…that means a lot. You are very down to earth and though I’ve yet to ask a question, I know that I will get a great answer. I guess what I like most is that everything is in one place — great recipes, information about products (w/o having to go to a million sites) and assistance with making the change to GF. Your site rocks! :)

  55. I Signed up and gladly paid the membership….something I would never do for other sites. Your site has been a lifesaver in so many areas of GF needs. 2 of our family of 6 are Celiac. As the years have passed, our family of 6 has become 10 of us and we gather for meals and celebrations often. Having GF foods that taste wonderful just makes the whole celebration so much easier on all of us and we can relax and not feel left out of celebrating life. Thank you, Carla!
    PS: Is there a way to make the Login easier to navigate? That is my only suggestion. Recipes are awesome!!!

  56. I would very much appreciate a full membership as my health issues require me to be gluten free and dairy free, and I am also vegetarian. At times this can make food a real challenge! I’m still searching for a successful and NICE bread I can make…

  57. Always loved your recipes and newsletter, really hope I can win a membership and be able to continue to use your site and great recipes.

  58. I’ve used your recipes since I had to go gluten free five years ago. Not long before that I found out my daughter has an oat allergy. Your recipes are wonderful and right now I have no cards to subscribe with.

  59. I would LOVE this members because I love your recipes. I have made tons from your blog page. And I keep getting your newsletter and more recipes and I’d like to be able to try them. This membership would help me greatly. I have referred every new celiac person I come across to your recipes. I really appreciate all you have done for the gluten free community. You rock! Regardless if I win or not, I will still make items from the recipes I do have. Thank you for time and effort.

  60. My kids are gluten free and one also has a dairy allergy. One is special needs and I could use the help – hard to come up with yummy stuff 3x/day.

    1. I´m diabetic so it is my wife, and in my country there are very few information about diabetic and gluten free diets. I found this site and it is a big solution to our problem. I relly appreciate all the information, and I will share it with other diabetic people, as well as dietitians.

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