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Fanfare! Fireworks! Jumping up and down! Who doesn’t like to be recognized for their efforts? Gluten Free Recipe Box has been officially nominated in the Triumph Dining’s “Best of Gluten Free Awards”. These awards are the largest gluten free awards in the U.S. Their newsletter list is comprised of over 40,000 subscribers. Last year close to 10,000 people voted, with more expected this year. Voting runs March 1 through March 31. Visit Best of Gluten Free Awards [web page no longer available] to vote for your favorite products and resources today! If you complete the survey you’ll be eligible for 75 prizes!


Image: Trimph Dining's Best of Gluten Free Awards


How are nominees chosen?

The nominees are carefully selected by groups of ambassadors from the gluten-free community. This year they tested out a “focus group” setting, where nominees were chosen through group discussion. They also reviewed all the suggestions that they received from individuals in the gluten-free community.


Each year the number of categories appear to grow. The Best Gluten Free Blog is just one of over 40 categories. They range from the best gluten free bread to best gluten free beer.

Why vote?

Per Triumph Dining,

“Do you think your favorite gluten-free brands and products deserve some recognition? Ever wanted to high-five your favorite gluten-free bread or give your favorite gluten-free cookie a big bear hug? Well, we’re not stopping you from doing either of those things, but we think you might find our method a little less messy!

The Best of Gluten-Free Awards™ are designed to select the best gluten-free products available and to give recognition and thanks to the companies that provide them. We are giving you the opportunity to reward the brands and products you love, acknowledging how much easier they have made your life. The Best of Gluten-Free Awards™ will be chosen by popular vote within the gluten-free community, so Take The Survey! and don’t forget to spread the word to your friends!

Prizes for Completing the Survey

Though you have the option of only voting in the categories you are interested in, those who complete the entire survey will be eligible to win a variety of 75 prizes valued at almost $2000. Prizes include 2 Kindle Fire devices and some exclusive Triumph Dining products. If you do not have an answer to a question, simply check the “No Answer” box and it will count in completing the survey.

How long does the survey take?

The survey take about 12 minutes to complete.

Where in the survey will I find Best Gluten Free Blog category?

Towards the end of the survey you will find 15 different gluten free blogs to chose from. If you’re so inclined to vote for my blog, Gluten Free Recipe Box, in the category of Best Gluten Free Blog, you’ll find it listed at the very top of the list of blogs.

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