Gluten Free Food Coloring Brands and Homemade

Homemade Food Coloring

Gluten Free Food Coloring

Food coloring is usually gluten free, but after reading an article about one person having a gluten reaction to a yellow food coloring that was confirmed to contain gluten, I always purchase brands labeled or sold as gluten free.

Food coloring comes in a few varieties such as powdered, liquid, and gel/paste. I don’t use any commercial brand of powdered coloring, but I explain all of the others available that I know are gluten free and safe for anyone to use. I even explain how to make your own at home. Continue reading “Gluten Free Food Coloring Brands and Homemade”

Gluten Free Birthday Cake Recipe & FAQs

Gluten Free Birthday Cake with White Frosting
Whenever you’re throwing a birthday party, whether it is immediately family or a huge crowd, you do have to consider your guests, not just the birthday person. Therefore, it’s important to serve a gluten free cake that no one will be tell it’s gluten free. I’ve included a couple recipes that people rave about whether they are …
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Is Buckwheat Gluten Free? – Diabetes + 5 Recipes


Buckwheat may sound like it contains wheat or gluten, it does not. In addition, to being gluten free, it is also grain free as it is actually a seed, not a grain. Just be sure to purchase a brand that is labeled gluten free. When it is not, it may contain wheat or other gluten grains due to its processing method.

Interestingly, while wheat tends to spike glucose levels, buckwheat lowers them. There are several studies that show a patient’s glucose levels lowered after consuming buckwheat on a regular basis. Not only do the whole grains helps control diabetes and the prevention of same, but products baked with buckwheat flour do such as well. Continue reading “Is Buckwheat Gluten Free? – Diabetes + 5 Recipes”

How to Make Invert Sugar: The Secret to Moist Cookies

Homemade Invert Sugar
I am interested in making a copycat recipe of the Gluten Free Trios that some of the girl scout troops are selling this year. The Trios are just amazing cookies! However, I noticed that one of the ingredients is invert sugar (the consistency of high fructose corn syrup, but different). It keeps baked goods moist …
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Brands of Gluten Free Vodka and Their Derivatives

Gluten Free Vodka on Ice
As of this writing, the following brands of gluten free vodka are derived from gluten-free ingredients. This is in compliance with the TTB’s 2014 Interim Ruling on Gluten Free Labeling of Wine, Beer and Distilled Spirits. The sources of the below information include the brands’ dewebsite and/or wikipedia. Brand Country Derivation Azzure United States Yellow …
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What is Cultured Brown Rice Flour?

Corn Syrup Derived Cultured Brown Rice Flour
Awhile back a Facebook follower provided a link to a gluten free yeast free bread that she purchases online that she adores. I checked it out and found that it contained “cultured brown rice flour”. I used their contact form to ask a question about it, but they never responded. After doing some research online …
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Multigrain Gluten Free Bread Recipe and an Education

Gluten Free Multigrain Bread
I was so pleased with the results of my most recent experimentation on a gluten free multigrain bread recipe. The texture is soft enough for sandwiches and toasts easily, as well. It is also gum-free. Enjoy!  Learn About Some of the Ingredients I Used in This Recipe STARCH I used a 50% ratio of starch …
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How Harmful is Soy Sauce on a Gluten Free Diet?

Image: Soy Sauce and Soy Beans

If you are on a gluten-free diet, note that usually soy sauce that is not labeled gluten-free contains wheat. In some countries outside the United States, it may contain barley. While there are gluten-free brands of soy sauce on the market, including tamari sauce, you should know what to expect if you accidentally ingest some glutenous soy sauce. Continue reading “How Harmful is Soy Sauce on a Gluten Free Diet?”

Creme Fraiche Substitute (Naturally Gluten Free)

Image: Homemade Creme Fraiche Substitute
Creme fraiche, pronounced “crem fresh,” meaning “fresh cream,” is a soured cream containing 30-45% butter fat. To provide you with a comparison, heavy whipping cream  contains at least 36% butterfat. It is predominently used in France, but is finally manufactured in the United States (U.S.). It is found in specialty stores, however, it is still …
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