Gluten Free Birthday Cake Recipe & FAQs

Whenever you’re throwing a birthday party, whether it is immediately family or a huge crowd, you do have to consider your guests, not just the birthday person. Therefore, it’s important to serve a gluten free cake that no one will be tell it’s gluten free. I’ve included¬†a couple¬†recipes that people rave about whether they are on a gluten or gluten free diet. People are known to say, “This is the best chocolate/carrot cake I’ve ever had!” I’ve also included a few answers to frequently asked questions. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Birthday Cake with White Frosting

Is baking powder gluten free?

While I have never seen a brand of baking that wasn’t gluten free, I am sure that some off brands include gluten. To be safe, stick to the name brands: Rumford (it’s also aluminum-free), Clabber Girl (contains aluminum), Featherweight (also corn-free), Davis (contains aluminum), and Bob’s Red Mill (aluminum-free).


Is vanilla extract gluten free?

Most imitation extracts contain gluten. Only use extracts labeled ‚Äúpure‚ÄĚ. Pure extract are available in vanilla, almond and even lemon.


Is packaged frosting gluten free?

Not all brands of frosting is gluten free, and not all varieties of frosting gluten free. Some brands may have one flavor that is gluten free and another is not. Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style Frosting and Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Frosting are all gluten free and easily accessible.


Is food coloring gluten free?

Not all food coloring is gluten free. They may contain gluten. Safe brands are McCormick and AmeriColor. AmeriColor has some wonderful gel food coloring. The colors are vibrant. If you wish to use natural food coloring in your frosting or fondant, consider Selectee Natural or Organic Food Coloring. It’s pricey, but I’m sure you’ll feel better about it. You can also make your own by using things such as beets. Just boil about 3 beets. Remove the beets and reduce the liquid until you have about 6 tablespoons left.


Are cake decorations gluten free?

You would think since cake decorations are mainly made up of sugar that they would all be gluten free. However, this is not the case. In addition, while some do not contain gluten, they are made on machines and facilities that make gluten-containing products. Wilton has a few safe gluten free decorations. Contact them to check which ones are currently made in a gluten free facility.


Is fondant gluten free?

Not all fondant is gluten-free. Gluten-free brands of fondant are available in pre-rolled and buckets. Satin Ice makes rolled fondant that is gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free.

You can also make your own fondant using a standard marshmallow fondant recipe, but be sure to use gluten-free marshmallows. You can also use a recipe that calls for powdered sugar, corn syrup, glycerin, and flavoring. Be sure the flavoring and coloring are gluten-free.

Stain Ice has a wonderful chart suggesting the amount of fondant you’ll need to cover cakes in several different sizes, shapes, and heights.


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Always check with manufacturers to find out how safe their products are for you to consume. If you are sensitive to cross-contamination/cross-contact of gluten ask them about their manufacturing standards.

If you’re wondering which frosting recipe to use to make the cake in the photo, see the Fluffy White Frosting Recipe. It’s not my favorite, but kids love it and it’s easy to decorate.

If you wish to make the cookie balloons on the side of the cake, make these Gluten Free Chocolate Wafers and cover them with gluten free colored fondant.

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