Gluten Free Yule Log

Image: Gluten Free Yule Log

This gluten free yule log recipe, also known as a roulade, is a slight variation of my Flourless Gluten Free Chocolate Roll Cake Roulade Recipe except this one is not coated in chocolate. If you use white frosting as a filling, it is sweet enough on its own. However, you can certainly use whipped cream, if desired. If using whipped cream, be sure to see the tips below to create it with more structure for it to roll nicely. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this recipe. Happy holidays! Continue reading “Gluten Free Yule Log”

Flourless Gluten Free Chocolate Roll Cake – Roulade

Image: Gluten Free Chocolate Roll Cake - Roulade

I love the fact that this gluten free chocolate roll cake bakes so quickly compared to regular cakes. This recipe especially bakes fast because it does not contain flour. Instead, it contains mostly eggs and chocolate. I was so excited to give this a try I even purchased a jelly roll pan just to make this cake. The pan turned out to be perfect size for so many other things (small batch cookies, cinnamon rolls, sheet cakes, and baking rolls, to name a few.) Meanwhile, the cake turns out light, yet has a rich chocolate flavor. You have a choice of fillings and toppings, one of each may be made dairy-free. I hope you enjoy this recipe. It looks like a huge Hostess Ding Dong. Doesn’t it? You can make it taste it like one, too, if you use the fluffy white frosting as a filling. I prefer cream cheese frosting or whipped cream, though. Continue reading “Flourless Gluten Free Chocolate Roll Cake – Roulade”

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