Gluten Free Yule Log

This gluten free yule log recipe, also known as a roulade, is a slight variation of my Flourless Gluten Free Chocolate Roll Cake Roulade Recipe except this one is not coated in chocolate. If you use white frosting as a filling, it is sweet enough on its own. However, you can certainly use whipped cream, if desired. If using whipped cream, be sure to see the tips below to create it with more structure for it to roll nicely. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this recipe. Happy holidays!

UPDATE: I have a new recipe for Sturdy Whipped Cream which works out much better than traditional homemade whipped cream.

Don’t be intimidated when considering whether or not to make this recipe. However, you shouldn’t try it on guests. Practice first, and when you get good at rolling, you’ll turn out a gluten free yule log you’d be proud to serve anyone. If you are not a perfectionist and your roulade breaks or is uneven, just cover it in chocolate as indicated in the recipe link above.

The one great thing about this recipe is that you steam the cake for several hours prior to rolling it. This makes rolling it a breeze, It is softer and more moist than a typical roulade.

Note: The perfect roulade/yole log will have equal parts filling to cake so that the layers are equally thick. However, if your cake is moist enough, you can get away with using less and save some calories, as I did here.

Gluten Free Yule Log

Yield: Serves 8.

Gluten Free Yule Log

A gluten free yule log recipe that will surely have your guests ooing and awing. It's easy to make since you steam the cake so that no ends are stiff.



  1. Make the roulade as directed in the instructions in the link above.
  2. Make the filling of your choice, White Frosting, Whipped Cream, or Cream Cheese, and follow the instructions to roll the cake.
  3. Instead of frosting it, leave it plain. Instead, in a heat-proof bowl over boiling water, add chocolate and heat until it melts.
  4. Dip holly leaves in chocolate and set aside on a sheet of parchment paper to dry.
  5. Once leaves dry, drizzle some of the melted chocolate on top of the roulade. (Using a squeeze bottle works well.) Immediately place chocolate covered holly leaves on top of the wet chocolate. Allow to set completely before storing.
  6. Add holly berries, if desired.
  7. Store in a covered, air-tight container in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
  8. Prior to serving, remove holly leaves and berries and discard.


When using whipped cream filling, adding cornstarch or potato starch provides structure (stiffness) which prevents the frosting from oozing out the sides when you roll the roulade.

If you are in a hurry, you may roll the warm cake in a clean kitchen towel, without any filling, and allow to cool. Then unroll the cake and fill. The first rolling makes it easier to roll once cool.

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