Gluten Free Buffalo Cornbread or Muffins

Gluten Free Buffalo Cornbread

When the craving for buffalo wings strikes and you have no chicken wings on hand, make this amazing gluten free buffalo cornbread instead. Its cake-like texture makes it a great snack or dessert as well as a side dish with your main meal. Iā€™m thinking of serving them with chili, chicken, pork chops, and more. No mixer needed. Enjoy! We are absolutely addicted to these! (And I’m not usually a big cornbread fan.)

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Breakfast Muffins Using Flour Farms Gluten Free Flour Blend

Gluten Free Breakfast Muffins

When you want to serve something sweet for breakfast but no unhealthy, make these delicious gluten free breakfast muffins. You can change up the flavors and add-ins to meet your tastes. As pictured, youā€™ll find a cinnamon-raisin version. However, you can blueberries or chopped apples with a little almond extract to mix things up a bit. You can even replace the maple syrup with your favorite sweetener. No mixer needed for less cleanup. Have fun and enjoy. The flavor is spectacular!

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Gluten Free Green Banana Flour Muffins (Vegan Option)

Green Banana Flour Muffins Gluten Free

One member asked me for a recipe containing a lot of green banana flour because it is one of the resistant starches, meaning it functions similar to soluble fiber. The recipe for pancakes that came with the package turned out gummy. So, I made a recipe for muffins, sweetened with pure maple syrup. So, don’t feel guilty when serving them for breakfast. They are super flavorful and moist. NO MIXER NEEDED!

In this article, I go over the best sources of resistant starches, how to bake with green banana flour, and include a recipe for gluten free green banana flour muffins. While you cannot use 100% green banana flour in baking, you can use enough to take advantage of its health benefits.

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Vegan Gluten Free Muffins – High in Complete Protein – 10+ g Protein Per Muffin

Gluten Free Vegan Muffins - Vanilla + More

Delicious, complete protein veganĀ gluten free muffins with over 10 grams of protein per muffin. These tender and flavorful muffins are low in unrefined sugar and contain no gums, corn, soy, dairy, egg, seeds, nuts, oats, tapioca, arrowroot, and yeast. With one simple change, these muffins may also be made grain-free. Add your desired mix-in whether it be berries, nuts, or chocolate chips. May also be made non-vegan. Continue reading “Vegan Gluten Free Muffins – High in Complete Protein – 10+ g Protein Per Muffin”

Gluten Free Banana Cupcakes (Pecan & Chocolate Chips Optional)

Gluten Free Banana Cupcakes with Pecans & Chocolate Chips

These are the best banana cupcakes or muffins I’ve ever had, gluten free or not! For being gluten free banana cupcakes, they are incredible! They’re not gummy whatsoever, and super flavorful and moist. I couldn’t have asked for a better result While they can be frosted or piped with traditional or banana whipped cream, you can also serve them plain. They’re my new favorite banana anything! Continue reading “Gluten Free Banana Cupcakes (Pecan & Chocolate Chips Optional)”

Gluten Free Oat Muffin Mug Recipe (or Sorghum) Allergen-Free, Sugar-Free & Low-Histamine

Gluten Free Dairy Free Oat Muffin Mug Recipe

Without the use of added starch, gum, dairy, or egg, thisĀ gluten free oat muffin mug recipe tastes amazing! You can even make this sugar-free (see photo)! You would have never guessed that it was made in a microwave. Most microwaved mug cakes and muffins are quite gummy. Not this one! Make it in a number of various flavors and add whatever you wish from nuts to seeds and raisins to other dried fruit. Chopped chocolate or fresh apples or berries are also a wonderful option. Have fun and be creative! Continue reading “Gluten Free Oat Muffin Mug Recipe (or Sorghum) Allergen-Free, Sugar-Free & Low-Histamine”

Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cherry Bombs (Dairy & Egg-Free)

Gluten Free Egg Free Double Chocolate Cherry Bombs (Dairy Free)

Perfect for Father’s Day (most Dad’s love cherry), these gluten freeĀ double chocolate cherry bombs will be a hugeĀ hit! With their quick bread texture (similar in weight and texture to banana bread), everyone will enjoy these treasures. Make dairy free or with dairy. Use a commercially packaged gluten free flour that contains dairy or Carla’s all-purpose gluten freeĀ flour blend recipe for dairy-free. Continue reading “Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cherry Bombs (Dairy & Egg-Free)”