Fresh Watermelon Martini

Image: Fresh Watermelon Martini Gluten Free

I’m a sucker for anything watermelon including watermelon beverages both with or without alcohol. And a fresh watermelon martini is one of my faves, actually any melon. Martinis are naturally gluten-free, as the vodka is¬†distilled, which most manufacturers claim removes any gluten. You will find that some vodka brands are made from wheat, rye, barley and fortunately, potatoes. I like to play it safe and use a potato vodka, but I have only tasted two, and do not care for either unless they are mixed with a lot of something sweet. Fresh watermelon, agave and optional citrus will do the trick! Continue reading “Fresh Watermelon Martini”

Savory Fruit Salad: Mango and Dried Cherry

Gluten-free Mango Fruit Salad

Of course this fruit salad is gluten free, but it does not take special ingredients to make this recipe. It is fast to make, yet elegant to serve, with proper garnishes. October is mango season where I live in California. Perhaps the season is different where you are. Mangos tend to be overlooked during the fall, as many of our favorite fruits go out of season. I love the fall color of mangos, as well as their flavor. I hope you, and possibly your guests, enjoy this savory fruit salad recipe. My husband is not big on fruit salad, but he really enjoyed this one (probably because of the cherries!) Have fun and enjoy! Continue reading “Savory Fruit Salad: Mango and Dried Cherry”

Raw Banana Ice Cream

Image: Gluten Free Sugar Free Raw Banana Ice Cream

There is a YouTube video on how to make raw banana ice cream with a juicer. You just remove the skin from bananas; freeze the bananas, whole; remove the filter or screen from your juicer; feed them through and voila! РYou have soft serve banana ice cream.  However, what does one do if they do not have a juicer? You can even make ice cream without an ice cream maker and both without a juicer. This recipe is gluten-free, vegan, raw, refined sugar-free and sugar-free, as it is naturally sweetened. Enjoy this healthy treat!

Continue reading “Raw Banana Ice Cream”

Gluten Free Fondue Recipes – The Best Thing I Ever Ate!

Gluten Free Fondue Menu

When you have guests you’ll want to make your work as easy as possible the day of the event.¬† Serve something simple, yet elegant. Fondue is something you can prepare ahead of time, allowing time to mingle with your guests. Gluten free fondue also makes a wonderful Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or special date night dinner. I”ve listed several gluten free fondue recipes ¬†They truly are my favorite gluten free recipes. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Fondue Recipes – The Best Thing I Ever Ate!”

Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Greek Yogurt Ambrosia

Image: Greek Yogurt Ambrosia

If you enjoy ambrosia, but are searching for a healthier alternative check out this recipe for sugar-free Greek yogurt ambrosia. Greek yogurt contains live cultures and other ingredients that are known to aid in digestion, which are all natural.¬†Cinnamon is added for a wonderful flavor.¬†Cinnamon’s health benefits are multiple, and aiding digestion is one of them. It is made sugar-free using stevia. Update: NuNutral brand stevia is not bitter, at all! Continue reading “Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Greek Yogurt Ambrosia”