Creamy Mimosa – Naturally Gluten Free

Image: Gluten Free Creamy Mimosa

This mimosa recipe is naturally gluten-free. Though I am allergic to oranges, my guests enjoy mimosa for Christmas breakfast. One of my guests mentioned that the best mimosa she ever had was at a resort. I asked it was a creamy mimosa, and sure enough it was. So, I added a a splash of whipping cream to the blend and everyone loved it. What a perfect addition to any mimosa recipe! It created a frothy, creamy head. That particular guest ended up adding a bit of sugar to her glass, though. Later, I found a recipe online that did include sugar. Below is the recipe I made. Want to really wow your guests? Use fresh squeezed orange juice, strained. Continue reading “Creamy Mimosa – Naturally Gluten Free”

Gluten Free Mint Chocolate Layered Cheesecake

Image: Gluten Free Chocolate Cheesecake

If you wish to make to make a plain cheesecake without using any graham crackers for the crust, see my Gluten Free Cheesecake Recipe with optional chocolate topping. Today’s recipe is a Chocolate Cheesecake, layered with plain cheesecake and chocolate mint cheesecake, and then swirled with both on top. It looks gorgeous, yet is so easy to create this effect. I added the mint for a Christmas touch, but you can skip the mint all together, as it contains plenty of vanilla extract. Continue reading “Gluten Free Mint Chocolate Layered Cheesecake”

Seasoned Gluten Free Croutons

Image: Seasoned Gluten Free Croutons

I am about to make a meatloaf muffin recipe that calls for Stove Top stuffing mix. Since Stove Top does not make gluten-free stuffing I am making my own homemade seasoned gluten free croutons recipe. You can use these croutons in gluten-free stuffing, as well, with or without the seasonings. I hope you find this recipe useful. My husband who gladly uses gluten croutons, likes these better! Tomorrow I will post the meatloaf muffin recipe using these gluten free croutons. They are going to be so cute, individual meatloafs! Continue reading “Seasoned Gluten Free Croutons”

Gluten Free Christmas Cookies Using Pan Mold

Homemade Gluten Free Shortbread Christmas Cookies

I used my gluten-free shortbread cookie recipe for these gluten free Christmas cookies. I used a cookie form pan that I purchased at my local grocery store, Von’s. They are very simple to make and the icing contains almond extract versus vanilla extract which gives the cookie icing, also gluten-free, more of a whiter color and compliments the almond flour, as well.  I chose not to use colored icing, as I was going for a classy look. I hope you enjoy this gluten free Christmas cookies recipe, as well as the holidays! Continue reading “Gluten Free Christmas Cookies Using Pan Mold”

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Puffs

Image: Gluten Free Sweet Potato Puffs

These gluten free sweet potato puffs turned out wonderful! They look like miniature cream puffs. They are more moist inside, though, and without the filling. These lovely little puffs can be served as biscuits or a dessert. If using as a biscuit serve plain or with butter. You can also coat them with powdered sugar to serve as a dessert. I have tried them both plain and with powdered sugar (actually agave powder) and love them both! My hubby wants to try them with butter, but hasn’t yet. He keeps eating them plain. They are not real sweet (but sweet enough) which lends to its versatility. In my last batch I added chopped walnuts. Yum! They tasted close to a zucchini or banana bread. Have fun with these. They are sure to make Thanksgiving special. I can picture them served at brunch, as well. They are also a great way to use up those left over sweet potatoes! Continue reading “Gluten Free Sweet Potato Puffs”

Mashed Gluten Free Sweet Potato Recipe

Image: Gluten Free Mashed Sweet Potatoes

This gluten free sweet potato recipe was made from an error. My husband went grocery shopping. Big mistake! Huge! I asked him to pick up some sweet potatoes for my mashed sweet potato recipe and neglected to tell him I wanted the red ones. He came back with yellow sweet potatoes, a cross between a regular potato and red sweet potatoes or yams. The yellow ones are not as sweet and I could not use them in the recipe I had in mind. I had to find a use for them. Oh well, yet another challenge for a new recipe, gluten-free, of course! Continue reading “Mashed Gluten Free Sweet Potato Recipe”

Gluten Free Stuffing – Apple Walnut

Image: Gluten Free Stuffing with Walnuts and Apples

This gluten free stuffing recipe is great for roasting a chicken, as I used it, or for a turkey.  It contains apples and optional walnuts. I always suggest trying a new stuffing recipe with a chicken prior to using  it in your Thanksgiving turkey. The amount I made below was stuffed inside a 5 pound organic chicken, free of antibiotics and hormones, and the rest baked in foil aside the roasting pan. This is on the sweet side, but savory as well! Continue reading “Gluten Free Stuffing – Apple Walnut”