Basil Almond Gluten Free Pesto Sauce

Image: Gluten Free Pesto Spaghetti

My father is visiting us and he’s 100% Italian. I just had to make him some of my famous gluten free pesto sauce! The most delicious pesto sauce I have ever made contained blanched, slivered almonds instead of pine nuts. Since I had about 2 tablespoons of pine nuts left, I used them up by substituting them for 2 tablespoons of almonds. Dad loved it, even went back for seconds! Perhaps not the healthiest meal for someone in their 90s, but hey, he’s on vacation, and the garlic is extremely healthy! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did.

UPDATE: I’ve since made this recipe using all almonds (soaked overnight and skin removed) and it was just as delicious, if not more! Continue reading “Basil Almond Gluten Free Pesto Sauce”

Gluten-Free Steak Marsala with Onion and Mushrooms

Steak Marsala

One of my favorite entrées is chicken or veal marsala. I had the craving, but no chicken or veal in the house. Oh my!  Onto another experiment I went…and here it is, steak marsala, gluten-free, of course! After making the test recipe for just my husband and I, we had a guest over and I made it again. I hope you enjoy it as much as our guest did. She had that, “That was yummy!” and said, “That was really good!” – as if she were surprised that she enjoyed it that much. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Steak Marsala with Onion and Mushrooms”

Gluten Free Taco Pizza with Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Image: Gluten Free Taco Pizza

I received a couple of Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust to review. Because I am allergic to tomatoes, I often end up having a no sauce pizza or a pesto pizza. This time I came up with a sauce I can have, taco sauce without tomatoes! Why didn’t I ever think of that before, I do not know why!  My husband tasted my pizza and liked it better than his!  This recipe is much lower in sodium than most pizzas, too! Udi’s gluten free pizza crust made it delicious, as well! Now when you don’t have time to make your own gluten free pizza dough, you know what to buy.

Continue reading “Gluten Free Taco Pizza with Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust”

Gluten Free Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

Image: Gluten Free Raspberry Chipotle Sauce Marinated Steak

Recently, I purchased a bottle of Fischer & Wiser Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce that I could not wait to use. Unfortunately, it was made in a facility that manufactures wheat products. I just had to create a recipe for everyone to use that is completely gluten free! Luckily, I had some frozen raspberries in the freezer! I used this gluten free raspberry chipotle sauce as a marinade for steak last night, only marinading for 30 minutes. Then I left the rest of the steak marinade for 24 hours and they were both great, but the 24 hour marinade had penetrated the meat a little bit more, creating a bit more flavor. My husband and I have a new fave marinade now. I even added a little sauce to our brown rice. Double yum! Enjoy. Continue reading “Gluten Free Raspberry Chipotle Sauce”

Gluten Free Porcupine Meatballs Without Tomatoes

Gluten-free Porcupines

My mother-in-law used to make porcupine meatballs in a red sauce. All her kids miss it so much, especially my husband. Because of my tomato allergies I decided to see if a similar recipe would work with a brown gravy. This is naturally gluten free, but you need to be careful to use gluten-free ingredients in the sauce, which I explain below. Mom used to use instant white rice, many people use uncooked long grain white rice. I used cooked brown rice, as I had some left over already in the frig. Brown gravy just does not have any flavor unless you make it from some sort of meat base or fat. I didn’t have any meat fat on hand and decided to spice up the roux (flour and butter mixture) with a little sauteed onion. It worked pretty good! Blending it in the food processor made a flavorful, creamy brown gravy. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Porcupine Meatballs Without Tomatoes”

Gluten Free Cheese Sauce

Broccoli Potato with Gluten Free Cheese Sauce

Many months ago I posted a recipe for broccoli stuffed potato with cheese sauce, but the file became corrupted and it disappeared! Someone asked me to republish it. The most important part of the recipe is the gluten free cheese sauce which you can use to make macaroni and cheese or add atop a baked potato, broccoli or cauliflower. It is also the base for cheese soup. You can add pieces of cooked broccoli to the top of a baked potato and pour on the cheese sauce. I changed the recipe a bit, as I have experimented with a few different versions now. I hope you enjoy this one! It’s a great way to get kids to eat their veggies! Continue reading “Gluten Free Cheese Sauce”

Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce Recipe (or Marinade)

Image: Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce

I needed some gluten free teriyaki sauce and there was none in the house. What’s a girl to do?  I gathered some of the traditional ingredients in teriyaki sauce and added a bit of pineapple juice for some extra nutrients. The base is tamari sauce. It is wonderful that San J makes gluten-free soy sauce, actually tamari sauce, because it contains no gluten. Tamari is a light soy sauce. All tamari sauces are made with more soy beans than regular soy sauce. Soy sauce is made from wheat and soy beans; therefore, those on a gluten free diet use Tamari. [Update: nowadays, there is such a thing as gluten free soy sauce.] Continue reading “Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce Recipe (or Marinade)”