Gluten Free Xanthan Gum Substitutes

Image: Acacia Tree

In years past, you’d mainly find xanthan gum and guar gum on most gluten free product labels. Nowadays you’ll find newer ingredients such as arabic gum, formally known as gum arabic. Arabic gum is a natural gum made from the hardened¬†sap¬†of acacia trees found in Africa and Australia;¬†Acacia senegal trees, found in Africa, Pakistan and India; and¬†Acacia seyal trees, where the gum is used to treat or prevent several ailments, including digestive issues and high cholesterol. Gum arabic is¬†a soluble dietary fiber with unique properties, and is derived of 80% fiber. Continue reading “Gluten Free Xanthan Gum Substitutes”

What is Xylitol? A Natural Sugar-Free Sweetener That Tastes Like Sugar

I am often asked, “What is xylitol?” from my readers. I am about to use it in another recipe; therefore, I wanted to explain more about it prior to publishing the recipe. I enjoy xylitol, as it tastes just like sugar! Plus, it is proven to prevent cavities and even heal teeth. However, if you have corn allergies you’ll need to know which brands to purchase. I hope you find this information useful. Continue reading “What is Xylitol? A Natural Sugar-Free Sweetener That Tastes Like Sugar”

Gluten Free Corn Free Baking Powder Recipe

Corn Free Baking Powder

Baking powder usually contains cornstarch. For those who are also corn-intolerant, you should note that there is a brand that does not contain corn, made by Hain Foods. It’s called Featherweight Baking Powder. It is gluten free, corn free and sodium free. If you cannot find it locally, you can order some on Amazon in sodium free or low salt. Note that they do not guarantee against cross-contamination of corn. Continue reading “Gluten Free Corn Free Baking Powder Recipe”

Gluten Free Soy Free Soy Sauce Substitute

Image: Gluten Free Soy Free Soy Sauce Substitute

It’s difficult enough finding a gluten free soy sauce, let alone a gluten free soy free soy sauce. One does exist, though. South River Miso makes a gluten free soy free soy sauce substitute from chickpeas, Miso Tamari, chickpea flavor. It is supposed to be so good that they limit your purchase quantity because it takes at least 3 months to make. Their products are¬†unpasteurized, living foods, rich in enzymes and beneficial microorganisms.¬†They start shipping this year on September 15, 2011. I still need to contact them to find out if they avoid cross-contamination, though, as I see they make a barley miso, as well. I’ll call them and update this page when I find out, hopefully today or early next week. Meanwhile, you can make your own gluten free soy free soy sauce substitute. Continue reading “Gluten Free Soy Free Soy Sauce Substitute”

Gluten Free Egg Substitutes

Image: Raw Egg

For those who are also completely egg-free, you may find this list of egg substitutes very helpful. There are 3 basic purposes of using egg in a recipe: to moisten, to bind ingredients together, or to leaven (rise). Depending on the purpose, will depend upon the egg substitute used. Using an egg substitute is a great way to lower your cholesterol and calorie intake, as well. I especially like the use of flax seed meal as an egg replacer. Though agar-agar works very well, too, it is quite expensive. I am constantly discovering new gluten free egg substitutes. So check back often. I usually add a dated update for new discoveries.

Also visit the Gluten Free Egg Free Recipes category where you’ll find over 700 recipes.

Continue reading “Gluten Free Egg Substitutes”

Guar Gum vs Xanthan

Xanthan Gum vs Guar Gum

If you have been baking gluten-free for much time, you know that these ingredients are essential in replacing gluten. Xanthan gum and guar gum powders are similar in that they both keep your ingredients together, but each has their unique ingredients, benefits, qualities and uses. You can use either, or both for the best results. Because I am asked the question so often, “What about guar gum vs xanthan gum?” – I thought I’d explain it in detail. Continue reading “Guar Gum vs Xanthan”

Grain Free Gluten Free Baking Powder Recipe

More and more individuals are not only going gluten free, but grain free. Baking powder contains cornstarch, and corn is a grain. This recipe works as a great substitute for traditional baking powder (which contains corn), making this a grain free gluten free baking powder recipe, without aluminum!

If you are looking for plain gluten free baking powder Rumford makes a good one that is aluminum free, as well. Featherweight makes one that is gluten free and corn free. Continue reading “Grain Free Gluten Free Baking Powder Recipe”

Gluten Free Baking Powder Recipe Video

Homemade Gluten Free Grain Free Baking Powder

I stumbled across this video when I first went back on my gluten free diet and only had baking powder which contained gluten. It’s wonderful, especially if you run out and happen to have some cream of tartar in the house. Just realize, though, this is not double acting baking powder, just single acting baking powder.¬†They both cause things to rise, but a bit differently. Continue reading “Gluten Free Baking Powder Recipe Video”