Chevys Gluten Free Menu

Chevys has now jumped on the bandwagon with their new Chevys Gluten Free Menu.

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In an effort to avoid cross-contamination, they suggest to always request that fried items be fried in fresh zero trans fat oil; and call ahead for gluten free chips so they may fry some in fresh oil for you.

From Appetizers to Desserts, Chevy’s has a wonderful gluten free menu! I suggest requesting the chips in advance if you’re going to have any of their salads which usually comes with glutenous tortilla strips. The tortilla chips will make a great replacement.


What to Avoid

Some may wonder why their grilled items, which appears to be gluten free is not on their gluten free menu. It is because their grilled items are marinated in teriyaki sauce, which is not gluten free. Hopefully, they’ll expand and begin using a gluten free teriyaki sauce.


Chevys Gluten Free Menu

Meanwhile, you’re probably wondering what their menu includes.

Appetizers include guacamole, salsa, chile con queso dip, chicken tamale, and tableside guacamole. Your choices of appetizer condiments include jalapeno jelly, pineapple salsa, sour cream and pico de gallo.

Salads include Santa Fe and Fajita Grilled Chicken. Dressing offered are ranch, salsa vinaigrette, and chipotle apple vinaigrette.

Fajitas include shrimp, chicken and the fresh catch of the day, but you must order the latter two without the marinade, and the shrimp should be ordered without the tortillas. accompaniments for the fajitas include: guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice, beans (black, pinto or charra), sweet corn tamalito, and corn tortillas.

Special include chicken, steak, or beef tacos (request corn tortillas); and chicken tamale.

Sauces include rancho or green.

Kids meals include beef or chicken taco (ask for soft corn tortilla); and cheeseburger (without a bun). Includes is a sweet corn tamalito.

And let’s not forget the desserts: flan (without cactus garnish); Chiquita Sundae; and Kiddie Cone (without the cone).

Sounds awesome! And it sounds like they know what they’re doing to avoid cross-contamination, as well. Have you been to Chevys lately? What was your experience? (Comment below.)

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