Flour Farm Organic Gluten Free Flour Blend Giveaway (10 Winners!)

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If you haven’t read my review yet on the new Flour Farm Gluten Free Flour Blend, click here. It has the lowest carb content I’ve ever seen . The blend doesn’t contain any gum and is organic, Kosher, and gluten free certified. You have the opportunity to win one of ten bags. It’s simple to enter!


Ten (10) lucky winners will receive one 30-ounce bag of Flour Farms Gluten Free Flour Blend.

How to Enter:

All you have to do is to read the review. Then enter the reason why you wish to enter in the comment section at the bottom of this page. (No website necessary. You can leave that section blank. Your email will not be made public. Carla is the only one who sees it.)

Giveaway Eligibility

This giveaway is open to U.S. shipping addresses. (It doesn’t have to be your address).

What you should know

  • This giveaway ends at 11:59 pm PST on November 22, 2016.
  • One entry allowed per person. Do not attempt to enter more than once if you don’t see your entry. Entries are reviewed and then published within about 24 hours.
  • Winners are chosen using random.org.
  • The winner will be announced at the bottom of this page on or before November 25, 2019.
  • Please supply an email address that you check often, as this is the delivery method used to send winners notification. You only have 7 days to respond.
  • Winners’ email addresses, shipping addresses, and phone numbers will be requested at the time of notification and are forwarded to the manufacturer for shipping purposes.

16 Replies to “Flour Farm Organic Gluten Free Flour Blend Giveaway (10 Winners!)”

  1. While I have been baking gf for a long while I am always open and looking for a new flour blend. GF baking is still a challenge and newer blends can offer better experiences in how the baked item turns out. Looking forward to trying this blend. Ty :)

  2. I am brand new in the gluten free baking realm. I started a gf sourdough, then got stuck with which flour blends to use to make anything with the gf starter!!! I would really like to try this blend as I am low carb in addition to gluten free.

  3. 1: I never win anything.
    2: I am curious about the particular flour combinations involved in this flour.
    3. I love almond flour.
    4. Coconut flour has always been a little intimidating to me because of it’s strong flavor, so I am curious to see how it works in this blend.
    5. I never win anything.

  4. Like the use of blending several flours. So much more convenient that trying to purchase and weigh and mix flours on my own. Also less expensive! Looking for a GF flour that will make fluffier and lighter baked goods. I like the comments about difference in baking soda and powder and its effects. Would love to give your product a try!

  5. Five ingredients! I would love to have a limited number of ingredients and a neutral flavor so that I could use this flour in many recipes.
    After reading the review this flour seems to offer more than limited ingredients. It has flavor, nutrition, and antioxidants to fight inflammation!! It sounds like a winner to me!

  6. I am ALWAYS game to try new gluten free flours, and this one sounds especially exciting because of the low carb content! If you endorse it, Carla – it’s ‘game-on’ for me, because I love your recipes and talent with baking great, delicious GF products!

  7. Always looking for great pre-made blends to try. I make my own with your recipes, but sometimes I don’t have all the ingredients.

  8. I want to enter because I trust Carla to enlighten us on nutritious, high quality ingredients to improve our baking and cooking. This flour sounds like it may add a new dimension to my baking!

  9. With cooler weather returning, I look forward to more of baking adventures! This new Flour Farm Bread Flour would be great to try!

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