Ryze Gluten Free Flour Mixes Giveaway For Members Only! 10 Winners!

If you haven’t read my review yet on the new Ryze Gluten Free Flour Mixes, click here. I’m excited! Aren’t you? They do not contain any white, refined, starch, or gum. They are rice mixes that are much lower in carbs than plain white or brown rice. Paid members have the opportunity to win one of ten bags of their choice of Ryze Gluten Free Flour Mix, Blue or Yellow Bag.

Ryze Gluten Free Flour Without Starch or Gum Mix Giveaway


Ten (10) lucky winners will able to choose the bag they would like to receive as a prize. Then they redeem the coupon on Amazon. It’s that simple!


How to Enter:

All you have to do read the review. Then enter the reason why you wish to enter in the comment section at the bottom of this post. (No website necessary. You can leave that section blank. Your email will not be made publically. Carla is the only one who sees it.)


Giveaway Eligibility

This giveaway is open to paid members with a U.S. shipping address. (It doesn’t have to be your address).


What you should know

  • This giveaway ends at 11:59 pm PST on August 13, 2016.
  • One entry allowed per paid member.
  • The winner will be announced at the bottom of this page on or before August 16, 2015.
  • Please supply an email address that you check often, as this is the delivery method used to send you the coupon code to winners.
  • Prizes are supplied by the manufacturer.

22 Replies to “Ryze Gluten Free Flour Mixes Giveaway For Members Only! 10 Winners!”

  1. I would love to try a bag as I need to keep my blood sugar level. I am interested in using gf flour that does not need gums.

  2. I have been eating gluten free due health reasons for more than 15 years. In all of that time I have had some pretty awful experiences with gluten free bread, noodles, spices, and baked goods. Over the past few years things have improved a great deal, however, the flours and starches have been mostly white with higher calorie content as well as how it sits in the glycemic index, not to mention the price elevation in order to eat healthfully is very difficult to to handle on one income. I would be very greatful to try these flours, and see for myself how they compare. I truly enjoy your recipes, and respect all of the hard work you put into your website to help the people that might not have the time to do it for themselves…

    Thank you,

  3. I would love to try one of the Ryze flours. Considering the ingredient contents, it would be great to see how all of the baked goods turn out. Since you have already tested them, I’m even more excited to try them.

  4. As a pastry chef with a cancer diagnosis, it has been difficult to bake gluten free items that have the flavor and texture I am used to and to avoid using potato and other white starches as well. The inflammation factor related to gluten is a big no-no for me. These Ryze flours sound absolutely amazing! It’s exciting that there are two types to work with. I am eager to try them out!

  5. I would love to try the Ryze GF flour mix without the added starches and gums. Thank you for your hard work in developing all of the delicious recipes!

  6. I’d LOVE to compare the new Ryze with other flours. I ‘m dying to try your Chewy GF Graham Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches using the Ryze flour.
    Karen Landa

  7. I am still searching for that ultimate gluten free flour blend that will create the texture of bread as we all remember wheat based bread to be. I admire those folks willing to market their own gf flours because they know it is safe and healthy for us.

  8. I’ve been looking for a flour blend without tapioca (allergic)! I would love to try without having to spend $ on something that we may not like…again. Thank you!

  9. I’m very intrigued with these new Ryze flour blends. I’d love to try them with some of the recipes you mentioned, as well as some of our family’s favorites. My grandson, who lives with us 1/2 the time has an autoimmune disease and both he and I must eat gluten-free due to Celiac’s. We have both put on weight since beginning the gluten-free diet and I’m impressed with the nutritional information of the Ryze flours. I’m excited you’ve been commissioned to help with recipe development… as all your recipes have been a hit with our grandson, as well as the adults. Would love to have the chance to win one of these and give it a try. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  10. I am excited to try this flour. I probably will by a bag of each kind before the end of this giveaway!

  11. These flours have two pluses in my book as I have an autoimmune disease and have blood sugar issues. Still don’t understand how rice flour could be lower in carbs than rice. Intriguing. I hope it is accurate.

  12. I’m very sensitive to tapioca & many other ingredients, but I tolerate rice very well; this looks like the ideal baking mix for me. I love that there are 2 formulations, for different types of cooking & baking. Already saved to my cart on Amazon, in case I can’t find it locally. Thank you for the great info & reviews!!

  13. I would love to try these because I have a very hard time finding pre-mixed gluten free flours that don’t contain tapioca, which I’m also intolerant to. This would mean the world to me to win this!

  14. I would love to try these flours. I bake a lot and am always looking to improve the results of my gluten free baking.

  15. The recipes look awesome! I am gluten free and also on a 1200 calorie diet for health reasons. The fact that these are lower on carbs is a big plus for me because I get so very few grams of carbs in my diet a day. And off the shelf gluten free goods tend to be higher in carbs that their non gluten free counterparts. :)

  16. The most attractive thing about Ryze flours is that they’re free of the potato & other white starches and gums. I’m gluten free, and free of sugar, flour, most dairy, and soy. Now, I’ve discovered I have FODMAP sensitivities, and that includes the types of gums generally used in baking and many of the starches. I can’t wait to try your Ryze pancakes and use Ryze UNflours for gravy and all kinds of recipes. The idea of eating real quiche again (with a crust) makes my mouth water. Thanks for your really good reviews of these UNflours!! I’m glad you’ll have a chance to give the Ryze people input on recipes & packaging, and all of it!

  17. Ryze flour mixes sound really intriguing. My 10-year-old granddaughter (who lives with me) struggles to keep and increase her weight. She was diagnosed with gluten intolerance as a toddler. She has distinct likes and dislikes. I want to try this new product to hopefully increase her repertoire of yummy foods. Our whole family practices strict gluten-free eating and there will be a lot of things to try out using this flour. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  18. Always looks forward to trying new flour blends. And like Susan said, that graham cracker recipe sounds awesome.

  19. I would love to be a winner of a blue bag of Ryze, because I really want to try those graham crackers that you made with it. I am allergic to potato (really, all nightshades), and I can’t find many gluten-free sweet treats and no graham crackers or pretzels that don’t contain potato starch/flour. So disappointing as I love graham crackers and when I saw this recipe that you came up with, I flew over to Amazon and put a blue bag in my watch list. It will be awhile before I am able to purchase a bag, because of the price though. Thank you for this giveaway. Much appreciated.

    Hey, have you ever thought about a pretzel recipe using Ryze? Or did I miss it?

  20. This looks worth a try, and I’d like to try it because I’m on a special diet where I’m trying to keep my blood sugar lower to fight a serious health issue I’m facing, and I miss being able to cook (AND EAT) regular gluten free stuff with starches. From reading the review, this would be a lifesaver for me!

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