Gluten Free Fixings for a Potato Bar + Perfect Baked Potato

The Perfect Baked Potato + Gluten Free Fixings for Baked Potato Bar

Here is an easy recipe for any event. Make a baked potato bar. You can have everyone make their own. All you have to do is supply the hot, baked potatoes. Rather than stabbing them and microwaving them, or just plopping washed potatoes in the oven, go one step further and make these. If you typically bake potatoes on 450¬įF, like I used to do, you’ll¬†discover a new temperature that achieves¬†better results.¬†Enjoy! I know you and your guests will. Continue reading “Gluten Free Fixings for a Potato Bar + Perfect Baked Potato”

Easy Gluten Free Scalloped Potatoes Recipe in Crispy Cups

Gluten Free Scalloped Potatoes in a Crispy Breaded Cup using frozen hashbrowns

I made these last weekend and my husband and I thought we died and went to heaven. We don’t usually react this way unless something contains bacon, but these scalloped hash brown potato cups are truly to-die-for. The creamy potatoes with their seasoned and crisp bread crumb coating is incredible. Using frozen hash browns makes this recipe easy. I don’t think I’ll make my traditional¬†gluten free scalloped potatoes recipe again. I’m looking forward to baking these ahead of time and then baking them again to rewarm for guests. This will make them extra crispy. Enjoy!

Note: I will be¬†working on a dairy-free version soon. Stay tuned in! Continue reading “Easy Gluten Free Scalloped Potatoes Recipe in Crispy Cups”

Easy Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Mashed Potatoes (or Traditional)

Allergen Free Dairy Free Gluten Free Mashed Potatoes

This gluten-free dairy-free mashed potatoes recipe is not only easy to make but¬†is delicious; and is made completely allergen-free. They are made without dairy, casein, soy, nuts, or any of the eight major allergens. Instead of peeling the potatoes and cubing them, you boil them whole and the peel just slides off. The main thing is you don’t have to sacrifice on taste. If you are not allergic or intolerant to any of these ingredients, feel free to use butter and cow’s milk. Continue reading “Easy Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Mashed Potatoes (or Traditional)”

Gourmet Stovetop Gluten Free Scalloped Potatoes

Decadent Creamy Stovetop Potatoes

Have I died and gone to heaven? Yes. I have, and so can you. This indulgent side dish is definitely something to splurge on during the holidays. Don’t worry. We’ll diet come January. The rich, creamy, wine sauce makes this dish, alone. Then add bacon and your taste buds are dancing on the roof of your mouth and tongue. All made without cheese. Enjoy these gourmet, stovetop, gluten free scalloped potatoes any time of year. Add poultry or meat, if desired. Continue reading “Gourmet Stovetop Gluten Free Scalloped Potatoes”

Traditional Gluten Free Potato Salad

Gluten Free Potato Salad

If you are attending a family reunion or having a backyard barbecue, this gluten free potato salad recipe can please everyone. You can divide the main ingredients into sections and add chopped pickles, sweet pickle relish or celery to each portion. Otherwise, just use your favorite. I was raised with¬†my mother’s recipe, using¬†celery and yellow onion and always enjoy it that way. However, my in-laws were raised with chopped pickles and others with sweet relish. So, I developed this recipe to please them all. My mother never added mustard to hers, but I use just a tad in this recipe. I hope you, your family, and friends enjoy this recipe as much as my family does. Continue reading “Traditional Gluten Free Potato Salad”

Gluten Free Buttermilk Cream of Potato Soup Recipe

Gluten Free Buttermilk Potato Soup Topped with Bacon Bits

This buttermilk cream of potato soup recipe was almost created in error. I recently had created a Crunchy Gluten Free Onion Rings Recipe for I had soaked the onion rings in buttermilk and had about a third of the rings leftover. I had left them in the refrigerator for about three days and when I opened up the container it smelled amazing! I knew I had to create a soup recipe out of it, and did just that. I have fallen in love with this soup and will definitely be making it again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Continue reading “Gluten Free Buttermilk Cream of Potato Soup Recipe”

Gluten Free Lefse (Scandinavian or Norwegian Flatbread)

Image: Gluten Free Lefse

Lefse is a soft flatbread, similar to a tortilla. This gluten free lefse recipe is no different. It is often made of potatoes, however you may use gluten-free potato buds (see link below for a gluten free brand). There are many different versions of lefse. The Norwegian version is made of flour, usually potato, cream, sometimes lard, and cooked on a griddle. Special tools are usually used to make lefse, even gluten free lefse. Most people use a griddle, a rolling pin cover, and a lefse stick to turn them over. However, if you get creative you can make them with other tools and pans (see Tips section below.) When using fresh potatoes, you need to use a ricer. However, this recipe calls for Potato Buds instead of fresh potatoes. I know not everyone owns a ricer. I will publish a recipe for lefse made with fresh potatoes another day. Meanwhile, enjoy this recipe!

For a similar recipe, not calling for boxed potatoes, see my Soft Gluten Free Naan (Indian Flat Bread). It has received many raved reviews.

Continue reading “Gluten Free Lefse (Scandinavian or Norwegian Flatbread)”

Easy Frittata Recipe: Sweet Potato and Zucchini (Naturally Gluten Free)

Image: Sweet Potato Zucchini Frittata

What makes this an easy frittata recipe is that you can use leftover to make it right on your stovetop. One night during the week, make sweet potatoes and boiled sliced carrots for dinner, making some extra for this dish. Then in a day or two, use your extra carrots and sweet potato for this dish. Stovetop cooking is perfect for summertime or any time of the year. Enjoy this Americanized version of an Italian favorite. Continue reading “Easy Frittata Recipe: Sweet Potato and Zucchini (Naturally Gluten Free)”