Macaroni Grill Gluten Free Menu

I absolutely loved my entree from the Ramano’s¬† Macaroni Grill’s Allergen Menu. You can tell how careful they are in regards to gluten cross contamination, as their gluten free menu does include their french fries. Often times restaurants that not knowledge in gluten intolerance include french fries or naturally gluten free food items on their menu, not realizing that frying something in oil that has previously been used for a gluten containing food may be harmful to someone with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Just loved Macaroni Grill gluten free menu!

Update: Someone recently emailed me stating that they went to a different Macaroni Grill and became ill. They were told that they use the same water to boil wheat macaroni. So, be sure to request a separate pot of fresh water if you are gluten intolerant!

Update: Macaroni Grill no longer has a gluten free menu, but they do serve gluten free penne pasta.

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Resources for Gluten-Free Restaurants: U.S. and International

Though summer is over and many of us won’t need a gluten-free restaurant as often as we do during the summer, we all have been there before. You’re on the road for hours and starving, but afraid to stop at a restaurant for fear of having to either experience gluten cross-contamination or the dreadful having to explain your diet to a wait person who is absolutely clueless! Continue reading “Resources for Gluten-Free Restaurants: U.S. and International”

PF Chang’s Gluten Free Menu Review

PF Chang's Lettuce Wraps

For Father’s Day we ate dinner at PF Chang’s China Bistro. It is not only a great restaurant for those with on a gluten-free diet, but for those with other food allergies, as well. In regards to my other food allergies, I have never had such great service, anywhere! Our server had food allergies, herself, and may have been more in tune with my needs than other servers, their website states that they cater to food allergies and gluten intolerance. I¬†was very impressed! I am so tired of the glares I receive from other servers at other restaurants when I list off my citrus and tomatoes allergies, on top of my gluten sensitivity. Continue reading “PF Chang’s Gluten Free Menu Review”