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I absolutely loved my entree from the Ramano’s  Macaroni Grill’s Allergen Menu. You can tell how careful they are in regards to gluten cross contamination, as their gluten free menu does include their french fries. Often times restaurants that not knowledge in gluten intolerance include french fries or naturally gluten free food items on their menu, not realizing that frying something in oil that has previously been used for a gluten containing food may be harmful to someone with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Just loved Macaroni Grill gluten free menu!

Update: Someone recently emailed me stating that they went to a different Macaroni Grill and became ill. They were told that they use the same water to boil wheat macaroni. So, be sure to request a separate pot of fresh water if you are gluten intolerant!

Update: Macaroni Grill no longer has a gluten free menu, but they do serve gluten free penne pasta.

Macaroni Grill's Gluten Free Penne Pasta

If you’re interested in an ample pasta entree, all you do is build your own pasta plate by choosing your desired meat, 3 veggies, and your sauce. The only pasta they offer is a penne pasta, which is fantastic! I chose chicken, only choose 2 veggies (red peppers and spinach), all topped with creamy garlic sauce. It was so yummy! – and very hard to distinguish their gluten free pasta from the regular.

UPDATE: The brand they use is Heartland. Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Mono and Diglycerides. PROCESSED IN A FACILITY THAT USES WHEAT, EGG, AND SOY. – BUT they use only certified gluten free ingredients are cautious in the manufacturing steps, and more importantly, they test the products at under 20ppm (parts per million).

Meat Choices: Italian Sausage (hot), Pancetta, Roasted Chicken, Rosemary Ham and Shrimp.

Veggie Choices: Asparagus, Brocolini, Cannellini Beans, Fresh Spinach, Roasted Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers, Roasted Tomatoes, and Snap Peas. (Note: If you are hyper-sensitive to trace amounts of gluten, do not consume mushrooms. They are often grown on wheat though they usually test well below 20 parts per million.)

Sauce Choices: Alfredo, Arrabbiata (spicy red sauce), Garlic Cream, and Pomodoro (tomato basil sauce).

If pasta in not your thing, you may interested in one of their other many gluten free entrees. See the list below.


Mediterranean Olives (without bread)

Spicy Herb-Roasted Mussels (without bread)


Lentil Soup


Bibb & Blue (without crispy onion rings)

Caesar Salad (without croutons or breadsticks)


Fresh Greens Salad without croutons)

Market Chop (without breadsticks)

Warm Spinach & Shrimp

Salad Dressings

All are gluten free including: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar, Mediterranean Vinaigrette, and Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch (just lovely!)

Carmela’s Chicken with GF Penne Pasta

Carbonara with GF Penne Pasta

Pasta di Mare with GF Penne Pasta

Fettuccine Alfredo with GF Penne Pasta

Pasta Milano

Penne Rustica

Shrimp Portofino (without breadcrumbs)

Chicken Under a Brick (without potatoes)

Grilled Chicken Spiedini (without vegetables)

Pollo Caprese with GF Penne Pasta

Grilled King Salmon (without orzo)

Grilled Shrimp Spiedini (without vegetables)

Florentine Steak & Frites (without fries)

Pan-Roasted Pork Chop (without risotto)


Grilled Chicken & Broccolini

Mac & Cheese (with GF penne pasta)

Penne Pasta Pomodoro

Side of Broccolini


Gelato: Dark Chocolate or Double Vanilla (without biscotti)

There is surely something for everyone. Check out Macaroni Grill’s Allergen Menu to learn more about their choices for other allergen ingredients.

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  1. WHY did you leave Durham NC a Fabulous foodie town in a location <10 miles from two tertiary medical centers!!!! The place was always packed!!

  2. I see that corn flour is an ingredient in the gluten free pasta. I have a very hard time finding gluten free corn flour or corn meal, meaning not processed in a plant that also processes wheat. Any suggestions?

  3. I was excited to go there for my birthday because of the gluten free menu, but became ill (the kind after being glutened) only after eating 3/4 of my pasta dish. It might have been that one particular restaurant, but I probably won’t go back. :(

  4. I got the Pasta Rustica, my favorite, and it tasted exactly the same. I questioned if it was gluten or not, the texture and taste was so great! Shoulda asked what brand they use. I would love to see them add a local gf bread roll of some sort, in St. Louis, maybe New Day. Maggiano’s uses Andrea’s yumminess. Now I’m itching for fancy Italian!

    1. Christine, I wanted to ask for the brand of pasta, but forget to by the time or waitress came back. I was thinking it was very similar to Trader Joe’s penne pasta, but larger, and even better! I just called them. They use Heartland brand ( which comes in the following varieties: penne, fusilli (spiral) and spaghetti. A couple of my Facebook friends had recommended it not too long ago. I’d be sold if it were’t for the corn. I was afraid it contained corn. Corn gives everything good flavor! They state on their website that it is made i a facility which contains wheat, but then on their manufacturing page they state it is cross contaminate-free! See or my Update above.

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