Microwave Caramel Recipe (Gluten-Free Corn-Free) – Nuts Optional

Microwave Caramel Recipe - Gluten Free Corn-Free

When you don’t want to worry about sugar crystals forming on the sides of a saucepan or having to use a candy thermometer,Ā  use your microwave! Whether you make this microwave caramel recipe corn-free or not, it is absolutely delicious! It’s so good, that one tin never made it to my neighbor’s house! (head down inĀ embarrassment) Oh well! It’s a good excuse to make another batch! Continue reading “Microwave Caramel Recipe (Gluten-Free Corn-Free) – Nuts Optional”

Tender Gluten Free Pie Crust Video

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You have to check out this gluten free pie crust video! After eight years of trial and error, I have made the perfect pie crust, tender and flavorful, yet sturdy. I’ve had a few questions from members about why certain ingredients are added to pie crust and whether they work or not. I used one of those common ingredients in thisĀ gluten free pie crust recipe along with another unexpected ingredient from your refrigerator. This pie crust turned out amazing! It is tender, flavorful, and browns perfectly. It’s eight years in the making! Thank you all for keeping me challenged!

Get the full recipe at Tender Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe.

Can You Freeze Mashed Potatoes?

Frozen and Thawed Loaded Mashed Potatoes

+Ā  Make Ahead Loaded Mashed Potatoes to Feed a Crowd (Gluten Free)

Can you freeze mashed potatoes? Raw potatoes are impossible to freeze as the potatoes drastically change in texture. Cooked potatoes are doable, but they usually become watery and a little grainy. Here’s a failsafe method of making loaded mashed potatoes in advance without any change in texture. Did I mention they contain three amazingly delicious ingredients? They’re perfect for holidays or special occasions. Continue reading “Can You Freeze Mashed Potatoes?”

Artichoke Dip without Spinach & Gluten Free Bread Balls

Artichoke Dip Without Spinach and Gluten Free Rolls/Balls

If you have food allergies, you should limit the number of foods containing high levels of histamine such as spinach. So, I created this recipe for artichoke dip without spinach. It tastes wonderful as it is full of flavor! Serve as a dip, to make bruschetta (toasted sliced baguettes), spread for crackers, or as a sauce for pasta. I recently piled some on top of cooked chicken breast.

Continue reading “Artichoke Dip without Spinach & Gluten Free Bread Balls”

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