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This blog was a nominee in’s 4th Annual Gluten Free Awards. They have 40 categories with everything from the best gluten free blogs to the best gluten free crackers. Each week they have been announcing a winner of one of the categories. Every Sunday when their newsletter reaches my inbox, I eagerly check it to see if they are announcing the winner of the blog category. I thought I was possibly going to have wait 40 weeks before I found if my blog, Carla’s Gluten Free Recipe Box placed or not.

Logo for Winner oin 4th Annual Gluten-Free Awards

Today the email arrived, and instead of a winner announcement, they announced that you can download their Gluten Free Buyer’s Guide for free through February 18, 2014. It contains the winners in all of¬†the categories. Plus, it has other great information.

Meanwhile, I downloaded my free Kindle copy. (You can download Kindle from Amazon for free, even for your desktop, iPad, etc.). I checked the blog category and saw my logo and blog’s name, but was confused. Underneath my blog was the 2nd and 3rd place winners, but I didn’t see “1st” next to my blog’s name. I thought, “What am I missing?” I thought I had placed 4th.” No. That’s not right. It states ‘4th Annual Gluten Free Awards’. Oh!!!! It doesn’t have a number next to my blog. It reads, “Winner”!

Once I saw my logo listed, I was so shocked that I wasn’t really reading it fully, just scanning it. I want to take this time to thank you if you took the time to vote my blog. It makes all of my work worthwhile and keeps me going. Thank you so very much!!!

I also want to congratulate the other blogs who placed, were nominated, and those who were not nominated. There are many other wonderful gluten free blogs that were missing. Congratulations to all! However, a special congrats to Carol Kicinski from Simply Gluten-Free for placing 2nd, and to Shauna and Danny Ahern from Gluten Free Girl and the Chef for placing third. You all rock at helping the gluten free community.

To download the free Gluten Free Buyer’s Guide do so on¬†through February 18, 2014. If you on a mobile device, it helps if you click “ Full Site”.¬†Thereafter, it will cost $10 for ebook and $25 for the color print edition.

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