Blog’s 3rd Anniversary – Celebrate & Chat About Gluten Free Recipes

Three years ago, I transferred about 80 gluten free recipes from my old blog, Gluten Free Carla ( Readers joined, commented, followed, and requested specific gluten free recipes. My blog was then nominated as one of the Best Gluten Free Blogs this year. There is nothing more gratifying than being acknowledged for something you have poured your heart, sweat, and tears into on a daily basis.

Image: Gluten Free Recipe Box 3rd Anniversary Cake

When I first began this blog, I only had a few categories. The more allergy-friendly requests I received, the more categories I created. Now you’ll find dairy-free to corn-free categories, as well as traditional ones, like desserts, pies, bread, and more. I even have ones for holidays like 4th of July, Easter, and Christmas.


Thank You

But I digress…I thought I would take this time to thank all of my regular readers, those who just pop in for specific gluten free recipes, and the other gluten free bloggers who link to my site. Without your support, feedback, and even proofreading, this blog wouldn’t be the success it is today.  So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The popularity of this blog has landed me some great jobs, including the most recent – Expert Writer for the Gluten Free category on


While I absolutely love hearing from you all, I hope to always keep the communication lines open. However, the busier my schedule becomes, the less this is possible. Recently, I had to shut off my Facebook messaging. I prefer you to leave comments on the blog whenever possible. This way if you have a question about a particular recipe or subject, others may learn along with you. This also prevents me from having to answer duplicate questions, as well. Speaking of communication, I hope you’ll join me in a chat on Twitter to celebrate this anniversary!


I was thinking of ways to celebrate. I certainly couldn’t have thousands of my readers travel to Central California, where I live, now could I? The only online party I could think of was a Twitter Party! The party is chatting about gluten free cooking, baking, substitutes, food, products, everything gluten free! In addition, I contacted several manufacturers to contribute gluten free products, and so far, there are over $700 in gluten free food products for you to win! Check out the post on the Gluten Free Twitter Party, and be sure to follow the steps under RSVP. You need to use the hashtag, #gfreechat, when you tweet. I hope to chat with you soon!

Again, thank you!


P.S. If you’re eyeing the the photo of that mini chocolate cake, see my Gluten Free Cake Recipes.

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  1. Congrats on 3 years and you’ve certainly added a few recipes and categories! I love the giveaways too. Thanks!

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