Simply Gluten Free Magazine Review and Giveaway

Image: Simply Gluten Free Magazine Cover 2012 Nov/Dec

Last weekend a premiere review copy arrived of Simply Gluten Free Magazine, the newest of gluten free magazines! I was anticipating its arrival, as I only subscribe to one other gluten free magazine, and it really hasn’t been meeting my needs lately. I mainly subscribe for the recipes, and everything else is just a bonus. Since the editor of Simply Gluten Free, Carol Kicinski, had announced that it she was going to publish a gluten free magazine that she would want to read, I knew it was going to be great! She is very artistic, a photographer, a professional recipe developer, TV show host, author, has such great taste, and is fun. If anyone could publish a successful, upper-end gluten free magazine, it was going to be Carol! THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Continue reading “Simply Gluten Free Magazine Review and Giveaway”

Gluten Free Consumer Magazine Review

There are only a handful of gluten-free magazines available, namely, Living Without, Delight Gluten Free Magazine, Gluten-Free Living and some online. The newly launched, The Gluten Free Consumer magazine, brings something new to the table. It is touted as a 16 page magazine full of reviews and $75 worth of coupons that will save us time and money. But is the question is, out of all the gluten-free magazines that exist, is this one you can trust? I haven’t read this magazine, but can definitely provide you with some important information about the company. Continue reading “Gluten Free Consumer Magazine Review”

Living Without Magazine

Living Without Magazine June-July

Living Without Magazine is not only tailored to the gluten-free diet, but dairy-free and other food allergies, such as shellfish, nuts, soy and more! The most recent issue, June-July 2011, contains an article on “A Celiac Pill” which is now in Phase II trial  (which I am researching and will publish an article soon); Restaurant Rules for Children; Special Need, Special Diet; Safety Tips; Places to Dine; Favorite Foods for Kids; The Gut-Brain Connection; Parents’ Tool Kit; and so much more! It appeared so interesting I subscribed myself! Definitely worth it! Continue reading “Living Without Magazine”