Whole Living Magazine: A Martha Stewart Publication

UPDATE: I posted this long ago before I discovered Martha Stewart’s other magazine which is focused on gluten-free and allergy-free recipes and lifestyle, Living Without Magazine. I subscribed to it myself a few years back. It’s absolutely wonderful and very helpful for those new to the gluten-free diet.

To my surprise, a couple of weeks ago I was sent a preview copy of the September issue of Whole Living magazine.  Their tag line is “body+soul in balance”.  It is a Martha Stewart publication.  Their plan is to provide healthy content, including recipes and information about gluten-free and diabetic living among other conditions.

Whole Living Magazine

In the September issue they mentioned that if you do eat something that is cross-contaminated with gluten, it may help you if you take a probiotic just before you eat it.  I think this is a smart idea when introducing new food products to your diet, but it is always best to check with manufacturers to ensure no cross-contamination.

The article delved into lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance and fructose intolerance.

This issue also included a great recipe for oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies which listed “dairy-free, soy-free, gluten free chocolate chips.

I checked out the Whole Living website and they have a section with gluten-free recipes.  There are already 37 recipes published by several contributors.  There’s something for just about every type of gluten free appetite, sweet and savory!

See all of their Specialty Recipes, and definitely check out their other recipes under their “Eat Well” tab which includes many recipes that are also gluten-free.  Just watch out for the ingredients and make sure they are all gluten-free.

I hope you enjoy this information.  Please let me know if you want us to post more information like this.

Happy Gluten-Free Cooking!

5 Replies to “Whole Living Magazine: A Martha Stewart Publication”

  1. Hmmm interesting that Martha would be the one behind Living Without. I love that magazine and pick up a copy a few times a year. However, there’s a clip of Martha online kind of bashing people who have food issues. I love Martha but found that to be a bit harsh. None of would ever CHOOSE to have these things – but realize we have to live with them and deal the best we can.

    Whole Living used to be Body and Soul Magazine – they changed their name some time back. It’s a great publication, too. Love them both – perhaps Martha was just having an off day during this particular clip. It’s hard to deal with people’s food issues. We have conflicting ones in our house – makes meal time hard and shopping expensive.

  2. I have received two (2) Whole Living magazines, October and November issues.

    I did not order a subscription. It is, therefore, understood that I will not be receiving an invoice for same.

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