Honey Containing Malt Sweetener


We would all assume that all honey is gluten-free, but on March 11, 2011 the¬†The U.S. Department of Justice announced in a press release that they seized 10,560 gallons of counterfeit honey from Hong Kong, falsely labeled honey made in Thailand, but was actually made up of mainly compound¬†malt sweetener. ¬†The sweetener was originally shipped to Wisconsin in 2009 and then eventually shipped to the Mid West with Chinese custom stickers removed. ¬†The investigation was formed by the¬†U.S. Attorney‚Äôs Office in Oregon,¬†the U.S. Attorney‚Äôs Office in Chicago and the Department of Homeland Security. Continue reading “Honey Containing Malt Sweetener”

Pancake Day and International Women’s Day!

Image: Gluten Free Banana Pancakes

How the does gluten-free diet fit into International Women’s Day and Pancake Day (also known as “Pancake Tuesday” and “Shrove Tuesday”?

Today is the day before the 40 days of Lent begins, a time for Christians and Catholics to begin fasting (eating less rich foods that give pleasure, in sacrifice).  Pancakes are associated with the day before Lent because they are made from rich foods such as meat, egg, milk and sugar, actually a healthy choice!

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Safeway, Vons and Randalls Gluten-free Shelf Labels!

Von's Gluten-free Label

Safeway, Inc. introduces their SimpleNutrition program.  They have labeled their shelves with stickers which include: Gluten-free, Organic, Natural, Calorie Smart, Made with Whole Grains, Sodium Smart, etc., a total of 22 different nutrition and ingredient benefits.

Safeway has been health conscious¬†for quite some time. ¬†They have a few health and wellness brands such as such as¬†OOrganics‚ĄĘ and Eating Right¬ģ. ¬†They recently launched a line of natural food products, Open Nature‚ĄĘ. ¬†Safeway has also removed added trans fats from all of their private-label products. ¬†The thing I like best is that they private label milk is guaranteed to be free of growth hormones.

Von's Gluten-free Label

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