Video: How to Shape Gluten Free Gum Free Almond Rolls + Final Texture

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Check out the texture of these amazing rolls. These Gluten Free Rolls without gum (xanthan, guar, etc.) are just as delicious and even more tender than the recipe with gum. Instead of gum, the recipe calls for psyllium husk powder. Learn how to make gum free rolls that have the same appearance, texture, and flavor as the original Gluten Free Gum-Free High-Protein Rolls Containing Almond Flour , which makes them higher in protein.

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Gluten Free Ermine Frosting Video

This gluten free ermine frosting is amazing! It is so sturdy yet creamy and satiny. Without any floury or powdered sugar texture, this frosting can even withstand humidity. Using granulated sugar, this frosting is sweet, but you can even dial it back a little if desired. This frosting is sweet, but you can reduce the sugar if you don’t have a super sweet tooth. Try it. I think you’ll be amazed as well. Check out the below video to see for yourself.

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Chocolate Coffee Frosting Video

This is the best frosting I’ve ever had. It is something between chocolate ganache (without cream), chocolate dulce de leche, and heaven. It’s a little chewy like caramel, but not. It’s hard to explain, but the picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the texture while it’s still warm in this chocolate coffee frosting video.

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