Gluten Free Gooey Butter Cake (St. Louis Homemade-Style)

Gluten Free Gooey Butter Cake

Popular first in the St. Louis area, and now around the country, the gluten free version of Ooey Gooey Butter Cake is now a thing. I never thought I would enjoy something so sweet, but I love it more than cookie dough! This dessert has a chewy crust at the bottom with chewy crisp edges that everyone will fight over. There is a thin crust on the top and the cream cheese filling is gooey, and a bit like cheesecake but a little softer and sweeter. It’s a rich dessert, but it’s so scrumptious, that it’s hard to stop at one piece.

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Gluten Free Blackout Cake aka Brooklyn Blackout Cake

Gluten Free Blackout Cake

Blackout cake, also called Brooklyn Blackout cake, consists of chocolate cake, filled with chocolate pudding, and topped with chocolate cake crumbs. My take on the cake is a little bit different in that this gluten free chocolate blackout cake is not topped with cake crumbs. Instead, crumbs are only placed on the sides and the cake is topped with a little chocolate ganache. Instead of vanilla pudding, this cake is filled with chocolate pastry cream. It’s divine and perfect for Valentine’s Day with plenty of leftovers to consume or freeze.

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Chocolate Mirror Glaze Recipe – Dairy-Free

Chocolate Mirror Glaze Cake

Did you ever wonder how pastry chefs make that mirror glaze finish on cakes? It is much easier than you’d imagine and you can find all of the ingredients right in your local grocery store. It’s a bucket list item for all home bakers. The best part of this recipe is that instead of using sweetened condensed milk or heavy cream, this recipe is completely dairy-free!

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Gluten Free Chocolate Sponge Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Sponge Cake

Besides learning how to make this delicious and moist gluten free chocolate sponge cake, you also learn how to convert vanilla cakes to chocolate. It’s all very easy to do. Layer it with a number of fillings like chocolate ganache, chocolate, vanilla, or even cherry liqueur whipped cream. Chocolate pastry cream is another choice along with cherry or strawberry pie filling. Make one simple change and you can make a Black Forest Cake! (Recipe coming soon.)

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Santa Strawberries

Santa Strawberries

Christmas doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make these adorable Santa strawberries in minutes. Everyone will think they’re so cute! Show them that you thought of them enough to make something homemade and festive. Kids love making these too! I can picture these on waffles, pancakes, at a dessert table, or even a breakfast buffet.

Contains dairy OR coconut.

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Gluten Free Chomeur Pudding – Pouding Chômeur – Poor Man's Pudding (Dairy-Free or Not)

Gluten Free Chomeur Pudding

Chomeur, French for “unemployed” and pounding for “pudding” was originally known as the poor man’s pudding during the depression. It was created in Quebec Canada by female factory workers. This particular gluten free chomeur pudding is far from a poor man’s dessert. Pound cake-like near the surface, with a pudding texture closer to the bottom, and a maple caramel sauce that is out of this world. I’ve also added an inexpensive alternative recipe in the Tips section.

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