Gluten Free Subway¬ģ Rolls – Copycat Recipe (aka Schar Baguettes)

Gluten Free Subway Rolls Copycat

Looking for an amazing sandwich roll recipe? These¬†copycat¬†gluten free Subway rolls are it! This is one of those recipes you’ll make over and over again. They are such a treat. I recently used them to make sandwiches but will use them to make my Thanksgiving dressing and for garlic bread. I haven’t been this excited since I discovered Schar gluten free parbaked baguettes, but this copycat recipe is moist and contains healthier ingredients. So, they’re better though slightly heavier. Continue reading “Gluten Free Subway¬ģ Rolls – Copycat Recipe (aka Schar Baguettes)”

Gluten Free Rosemary Sandwich Bread (Machine or Oven)

Gluten Free Rosemary Sandwich Bread - Sorghum

To make this gluten free rosemary sandwich bread, I experimented with my recipe for Gluten Free Bread Without Flaxseed Meal. I added some rosemary among other changes. The rosemary is not only good tasting but is very beneficial for baked goods. Use this bread for a sandwich or serve with a meal in place of rolls. Read on to learn more and check out its texture in the Gluten Free Rosemary Bread Video.

Continue reading “Gluten Free Rosemary Sandwich Bread (Machine or Oven)”

Gluten Free English Muffin Microwave Recipe (Cinnamon-Raisin Option)

Gluten Free English Muffin Made in a Micrwoave

In five minutes you can be on your way to having a wonderful breakfast or snack. This microwave gluten free English muffin can be made with oat or rice flour or a combination of both. Oat is my favorite as it is flavorful. Add your favorite gluten free¬†jam or nut spread and you’re good to go! You can even use this as a bread substitute for sandwiches or burgers. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free English Muffin Microwave Recipe (Cinnamon-Raisin Option)”

Gluten Free Potato Chive Bread (Gum- & Dairy-Free)

Gluten Free Potato Chive Bread

Moist, rich, creamy gluten free potato chive bread, with the texture of gluten sourdough but a little heavier, this bread will be raved about by all. It’s incredible despite being gum- and dairy-free. The perfect bread to serve with stews and gravy, to make a sandwich, or even toasted as a snack. Try cutting the bread into small pieces, placing under the broiler, and adding your favorite accouterments like garlic butter and cheese or avocado and/or chopped tomatoes. Continue reading “Gluten Free Potato Chive Bread (Gum- & Dairy-Free)”

Gluten Free Beer Bread (Machine or Oven)

Gluten Free Beer Bread

I would have never expected to enjoy the flavor of beer so much in gluten free bread, but I do! I even love eating the dough raw, and I’m not a beer drinker. This gluten free beer bread is incredible! Customize the size of the holes to your liking.

Using a gluten free flour blend made from mostly brown rice flour and oat flour or sorghum flour, you can make this gluten free beer bread that tastes amazing! Continue reading “Gluten Free Beer Bread (Machine or Oven)”