Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe – Dairy-Free

Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Fresh Mint Ice Cream

If you have a bunch of fresh mint on hand and want a great way to use it, this dairy-free fresh mint ice cream is the way to go. I had a lot of mint leftover from making mint juleps (recipe coming soon) and knew making this ice cream would be a treat for my husband. He didn’t even notice that it was dairy-free. It’s that good. You can also make it with dairy. Just choose those options in the ingredient list.

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Watermelon Wink Ice Cream Copycat Recipe (Machine or Not)

Watermelon Wink Ice Cream

What you may call low-carb sugar-free dairy-free ice cream, Wink calls a plant-based frozen dessert. I’ve managed to create a copycat recipe for Wink ice cream that you can make at a fraction of the cost compared to $8 per pint. We all know, you’re going to eat the entire pint! It’s only 4 carbs and 100 calories. So, that can get expensive! Make your own at home in a variety of flavors. It literally is guilt-free. Continue reading “Watermelon Wink Ice Cream Copycat Recipe (Machine or Not)”

Easy Gluten Free Cherries Jubilee – Classic or Rocky Road

Bowl of gluten free cherries jubilee

If you’re looking for a fast and easy gluten free dessert recipe, this gluten free cherries jubilee is it! Cherries Jubilee is traditionally made with vanilla ice cream. My husband enjoyed his with homemade rocky road instead. Use whatever you enjoy. Learn this super easy recipe for gluten free cherries jubilee, my favorite brand of gluten free maraschino cherries, cherry pie filling, and a wonderful ice cream recipe. This recipe may be made with fresh cherries, canned filling, or gluten free maraschino cherries. Continue reading “Easy Gluten Free Cherries Jubilee – Classic or Rocky Road”

Wink Frozen Desserts Copycat Recipe – Cinnamon Bun (100 Calories and 4 Net Carbs Per Pint)

Showing the cinnamon bun flavor of a frozen dessert with ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks

I recently had cinnamon ice cream in a restaurant in Carmel and ended up creating a Cinnamon Gelato Recipe. Now that I need to shed a few pounds I’m back to eating my favorite diet frozen dessert, Copycat Wink Frozen Desserts. This time I created a cinnamon bun frozen dessert flavor, better than the Wink brand! I also now provide you with a non-legume and complete protein versions that have a much better texture and flavor. Enjoy! Continue reading “Wink Frozen Desserts Copycat Recipe – Cinnamon Bun (100 Calories and 4 Net Carbs Per Pint)”

Whipped Chocolate Ganache Frosting

Beat air into rich chocolate ganache and you have an amazing frosting. Whipped chocolate ganache frosting is great when used to frost cupcakes and cake. However, you may use it as a filling for cupcakes, cakes, and pastries, even ice cream sandwiches. It’s an easy chocolate mousse recipe too! This is something any chocolate lover would appreciate and it’s so easy to make Continue reading “Whipped Chocolate Ganache Frosting”

Cinnamon Ice Cream or Cinnamon Gelato

Homemade Cinnamon Gelato

We recently stayed at the Hyatt Carmel Highlands Inn overlooking Big Sur. Their Sunset Lounge served me the biggest surprise ever, homemade cinnamon ice cream! It was absolutely delicious! I never thought of it before but after tasting it, I knew I had to create a cinnamon ice cream recipe for everyone to make at home. Choose between cinnamon gelato and cinnamon ice cream. Enjoy! Continue reading “Cinnamon Ice Cream or Cinnamon Gelato”

Wink Frozen Desserts Strawberry Copycat Recipe (100 Calories and 4 Net Carbs Per Pint)

Wink Frozen Desserts Strawberry Copycat

I’m hooked on Wink Frozen Desserts! It’s is a complete guiltless pleasure! I’ve created four copycat recipe flavors thus far and won’t stop until I’ve cover popular flavors and member requests. This Wink Frozen Desserts Strawberry flavor was requested by two members. I’m not usually a big strawberry fan but thoroughly enjoyed this flavor! Try adding a little sugar-free chocolate ganache/syrup. I hope you do too. Continue reading “Wink Frozen Desserts Strawberry Copycat Recipe (100 Calories and 4 Net Carbs Per Pint)”