Gluten Free Yellow Cake Recipe (Dairy-Free) (Half Cake or Whole)

Homemade Light Gluten Free Yellow Cake

There are key ingredients and methods of creating a gluten free¬†cake that is light and tender, much like boxed¬†cake mixes containing¬†gluten. Box cakes achieve their results by using modified starch and other unusual ingredients. This light and tender gluten free¬†yellow cake recipe creates an amazing texture. It took me several tries, but I finally did it! Make a half or whole cake or make it dairy or dairy-free. (Photo shows dairy-free.) Continue reading “Gluten Free Yellow Cake Recipe (Dairy-Free) (Half Cake or Whole)”

Gluten Free Banana Chiffon Cake (Dairy-Free)

Gluten Free Banana Chiffon Cake Sliced

I have fallen in love with gluten free chiffon cake. This gluten free banana chiffon cake turned out perfectly with tons of banana flavor! I¬† have also developed recipes for Gluten Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake and Traditional Gluten Free Chiffon Cake. Banana chiffon cake is a challenge. You need to have just the right amount of banana or it becomes too heavy to cool upside down, which important to its light texture.¬† Continue reading “Gluten Free Banana Chiffon Cake (Dairy-Free)”

Gluten Free Devonshire Scones

Light and Fluffy Gluten Free Devonshire Scones

In honor of my UK members, I decided to share a¬†gluten free Devonshire scones recipe. These¬†scones are light like fluffy gluten free biscuits in the U.S. (Europeans call heavy crackers ‚Äúbiscuits‚ÄĚ.) If you’re not a fan of typical, heavy scones, you’ll love these!¬†Typically served with strawberry jam and¬†clotted cream, these gluten free Devonshire scones are truly¬†soft and light.

(Devonshire¬†was the former name of Devon County, in South West England. compared to typical English scones. Continue reading “Gluten Free Devonshire Scones”

Gluten Free Italian Easter Bread (Almond, Lemon, or Vanilla)

Braided Gluten Free Italian Easter Bread - Almond, Lemon, or Vanilla

The texture of this Gluten Free¬†Italian Easter Bread¬†is between a pound cake and bread, and maybe a scone. It is moist due to the cream cheese, which lends a rich and creamy flavor and texture. I also have a Gluten Free Dairy Free Easter Bread Recipe.¬† However, with this cream cheese version, I really wouldn’t have made it any other way. Serve a small, warm slice with butter for brunch or cooled as a dessert with coffee, tea, or milk. Watch the three videos! Continue reading “Gluten Free Italian Easter Bread (Almond, Lemon, or Vanilla)”

Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Usually, buttermilk is used to create a more intensive flavor in dairy gluten free chocolate chiffon cake. Instead, I switched it out for a different ingredient. It still has that intense chocolate flavor rather than a gentle chocolate flavor as most chocolate chiffon cakes have. Enjoy this gluten free dairy free chocolate chiffon cake with dairy or dairy-free chocolate ganache sauce, and dairy chocolate whipped cream, if desired. Continue reading “Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake”

Gluten Free Chiffon Cake (Dairy-Free) Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, or Almond

Gluten Free Chiffon Cake

Everyone will enjoy this gluten free chiffon cake and will never know it is gluten free. Serve this cake topped with strawberry or cherry compote or pie filling and whipped cream. Remove a small section and fill with chocolate ganache. The possibilities are endliess! The best part about this recipe is that you can leave it covered at room temperature for several days. (Most gluten free baked goods need to be kept frozen to stay fresh.) Continue reading “Gluten Free Chiffon Cake (Dairy-Free) Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, or Almond”

Gluten Free Brazilian Cream Donuts – Doughnuts (Sonho)

Gluten Free Sonhos - Brazilian Cream Donuts

In Brazil, donuts are referred to as “sonhos” meaning “dreams”. The typical Brazilian donut recipe is more of a cake donut and yeast-risen. After making two different yeast-risen batches, I decided on skipping the yeast altogether. This recipe is light, airy, and tender.¬† They get additional sweetness from a dusting of sugar and cinnamon as well as pastry cream filling. The rich filling makes these gluten free Brazilian cream donuts (or doughnuts) famous for its richness. They are so good, Christmas morning wouldn’t be the same without them in many countries. I’m thinking Easter brunch as well. Continue reading “Gluten Free Brazilian Cream Donuts – Doughnuts (Sonho)”

Gluten Free Whole Grain Blueberry Muffins (No Starch Added)

Gluten Free Whole Grain No-Starch-Added Blueberry Muffins

Using my new whole grain flour blend recipe and fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried blueberries, you can make this delicious, moist, and tender gluten free whole grain blueberry muffins. They have no added starch (tapioca, potato, arrowroot, rice, or cornstarch). The flour blend contains wholesome whole grain flours only. You have a choice of using gum or for gum-free, use psyllium husk with a minor adjustment. Either way, they are simply delicious! Continue reading “Gluten Free Whole Grain Blueberry Muffins (No Starch Added)”

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