Gluten Free Chili Lasagna

Image: Gluten Free Chili Lasagna

My husband asked me to make chili, but of course, I had to find something new and unique to do with the chili besides plopping it in a bowl, though he loves it that way. Some people make Mexican lasagna with tortillas, refried beans and ground beef. Why not make a chili lasagna instead, gluten free, of course!? Hope you like it. If you cannot find gluten-free tortillas you can either make Gluten-free Soft Corn Tortillas or Low-sodium Gluten-free Tortillas. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Chili Lasagna”

Gluten Free Casserole: Italian Sausage and Rice

Image: Gluten Free Casserole with Rice and Sausage

This dish is not only delicious, but very easy and fast to make. I use a precooked, frozen organic brown rice that I get at Trader Joe’s. Now for the taste…You know how bacon makes everything taste great. Well, between the saltiness, sweetness and spices of the sausage and the sweetness from all the different peppers this dish is addicting! I bet you go back for seconds, maybe even thirds! It’s one of those dishes that when you’re putting away leftovers (if there are any) you just have to have one more bite!

Continue reading “Gluten Free Casserole: Italian Sausage and Rice”

Gluten Free Potato and Bison Casserole

Beef Potato Casserole

As a gluten-free dieter one can eat just so much rice. That leaves potatoes! My mother used to make this dish for us for years on end. I hadn’t cooked it in years myself, but had all the right ingredients. She used to use beef and green bell peppers, but since I only had yellow, orange and red that is what I used. This used to be one of my husband’s favorites. I suppose I stopped making it as we got older and started watching our sodium content. We used to pour on the ketchup when we were younger. This used to be one dish my children would eat without any problems, too, even though it had something “green” in it! I hope you family enjoys this budget friendly casserole recipe. You can use beef or bison. This makes a great family meal. Continue reading “Gluten Free Potato and Bison Casserole”